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The ZAVI Gems You Need for Your Wardrobe

Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Yellow Topaz — these gemstones don’t just have to be adorned as jewellery, they add one everyday luxe to your wardrobe. Lucky for you, a ton of our pieces come in these timeless, decadent hues that will make your outfit sparkle!

Ruby Riviera

These luxuriant burgundy hues that are fit for the French Riviera will make you shine at any garden party. Give them the spotlight they deserve with muted pairings and accessories.

Scintillating Sapphire 

No wardrobe is complete without a deep blue sapphire-tone, guaranteed to get the royal seal of approval. Be a little daring and colour block these pieces with amethyst jewellery. 

Enticing Emerald

Alluring yet earthy, an outfit in Emerald hues works well day to night. Offset the vivid colour with complementary jewellery in clear quartz or onyx.

Timeless Topaz

Radiant, bold and warm, these amber-yellow tones are the perfect way to brighten up a brunch. Team with gold jewellery and a straw bag and wedges for maximum midsummer energy. 

Published by: Vibhuti Vazirani/ 2020-07-05

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