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Sustainability Measures

At ZAVI, ‘consumption with a conscience’ is a motto that guides us as a business. Our aim is to help you find quality clothes that make you look and feel good, all while helping save the planet. It’s that simple.

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In an industry that’s known for operating in an opaque manner, we like to err on the side of TMI. We believe that full disclosure is the key to earning your trust, which is why we are transparent about everything we do—starting with the way we value our clothes. We never want to price our customers out of making a difference, so we made it our mission to show you where every penny goes from every garment.

To take a closer look behind our price tags, click on any product on our website and you will find a detailed breakdown of all our direct and indirect costs for each garment, giving you a detailed overview of what goes into pricing our clothes. Since we’re all about the details, every garment on our website also features important information like what materials were used in production and a background of the fabric, including its characteristics and environmental impact.

Fabrics & Dyes
Experience teaches us that we only begin to change our habits by altering what we have the most control over. As a fashion brand, this meant changing how we perceive our products, choose our materials, and run our supply chains.

We live in a material world and those very materials are the catalysts for change when it comes to sustainability. This is why we exclusively use sustainably-certified fibres that are minimally processed and don’t rely on toxic or carcinogenic chemicals to create our clothing.

Keeping our people, planet and its finite resources in mind, all our products are 100% vegan and free of animal cruelty.

To make good on our sustainable promise, we make a point to only source plant-based materials like: GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, Hemp, Linen, LENZING™ TENCEL™, LENZING™ EcoVero™ Viscose, Lyocell, Bamboo and Vegan Silk.

Our dyestuffs and trims are tested against the Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification—this ensures our certified products meet the strict limit values for harmful chemicals and are not present in critical concentrations. This certification also provides you with the guarantee that our clothes contain trace amounts of formaldehyde* that are significantly lower than the acceptable limits according to the Global Organic Textile Standard

*Formaldehyde is a chemical and cancer-causing carcinogen that is commonly used in fast fashion to prevent mildew, wrinkling and parasites during shipping.

Here’s sneak peak of some of the sustainable factories that we work with:

Slow, waste-free fashion
Unlike fast fashion, our range of men’s and women’s clothing doesn’t follow short trend cycles that are in one minute and out the next. Our styles consist of classic yet versatile pieces which can be easily interchanged with your existing wardrobe, made with the most durable fabrics and impeccable finishes to last you a lifetime. After all, being sustainable alone does not imply being able to maintain continuity past purchase, which is why we equally pride ourselves on our slow fashion practices.

Ethical supply chain practices & human welfare
As a sustainable fashion brand, we are fully aware of our responsibility to conserve natural resources, as well as protect those involved in the production process. This is why we only work with factories that have been certified by one of the following organizations for their ethical working standards:

These certified factories share our values for an ethical supply chain by paying living wages, treating workers with respect, and providing safe, comfortable working conditions. To ensure compliance with fair labour practices, we personally implement routine audits at our factories to see to it that each of our workers is paid a living wage or more.

86 million tons of plastic packaging is produced globally each year but less than 14% is recycled—a vast majority of which either makes its way to landfills, gets incinerated or is left to pollute waterways and poison wildlife.

As a brand, we realize our responsibility when it comes to packaging and aim to play no part in contributing to the mounting plastic waste problem. For this reason, we pack all our garments in completely biodegradable and recyclable bags. We use P-Life® bags that are made from a unique oxo-biodegradable additive technology that converts non-biodegradable plastics into naturally occurring compounds like H2O and biomass.

So when you receive a package from ZAVI and decide to toss it, you can be assured that our oxo-biodegradable bags will immediately begin to degrade once they are disposed of in the natural environment and have proven to cause no harm to plant growth, but actually support it.

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