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Sustainability Measures


To make ethical clothing a strong alternative to fast fashion by ensuring its desirable & accessible.


  • Quality & Authenticity for the Customers
  • Thoughtfulness for our Employees
  • Love & Care for our Environment
  • A Clear Conscience for Our Team
  • To reduce the use of fast fashion for reasons such as design & affordability
  • To reduce the impact of fashion on the future of our planet
  • To make sustainability a trend that fits in with other trends

Our Sustainable Measures
Our brand philosophy is to ensure we do everything with great care & a conscience. Everything we create is made with immense thought, from design, fabric & production quality to the impact on the environment & consideration for our employees. We take it all into account as we believe humankind can only sustain itself if it sustains one another as well as sustains the planet.

Our Fabrics & Dyes
At ZAVI we strive to limit our fabrics to only those that have no harmful impact on the environment or on human health. Almost all the fabrics used by us are made of natural fibres that are eco friendly and organically produced. We use a small amount of recycled polyester made from recycled plastic bottles, only for the purpose of waterproofing our outerwear. For our fabric we work with vendors who are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified, GRS (Global Recycled Standards) or Lenzing certified. This means that all fabrics are tested to ensure they are sustainable and lack chemicals. If our supplier doesn’t provide us with the required certification, we test them ourselves against the Global Organic Textile Standard parameters to ensure we are our garments are truly harmless to you & our environment.

Our dyes are tested to ensure that the harmful chemicals that pollute the waters & have health implications on the human body are within acceptable limits or not present at all. When it comes to dyes, we are constantly searching for different ways to dye & attain great textures & feels for our fabrics, minimizing chemical use. The dyes we use are free from azo chemicals and carcinogens (causes cancer). We ensure all our dyed fabrics are below the 16 mg/kg FF mark (free formaldehyde) which too is carcinogenic with much interaction with our skin.

Accessories on our garments are up to the OKEO-TEX Standard 100 mark. OKEO-TEX Standard 100 mark, is a certification we use to ensure the chemicals in our garment accessories are in permissible limit.

Currently as a small brand our production method is Make-to-Order, so we produce as soon as we receive an order & ship out within the next two to three days. This allows us to keep waste at a minimal & also provides a custom fit option to the customer.

All our packaging is made of recycled, recyclable & biodegradable material. We ensure the lack of PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) content. These boxes are sturdy enough to last a long time so you to reused to store any other items. We highly encourage our customers to recycle and reuse our packaging.

Ethical Practices
We believe happy people produce the best results !
We truly believe the people make the place and a company is nothing without its people. We make sure our staff isn’t overworked and underpaid. We ensure fair wages & hours to all our staff right from the lowest paid to the highest paid.

Since we currently product in-house in our own production unit, we ensure a high standard of working environment for our staff so they can produce truly great products with the highest quality levels.