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At ZAVI, we believe in consuming with a conscience. We are committed to offering clothes that are 100% sustainable because we care for you & our world.

  • 100% Organic Cotton

    100% Organic

  • Less water

    Less water

  • Non-Violence


  • Eco-Friendly


  • chemical-free


  • Recycled


Made To Last

Ethical. Organic. Sustainable.

Founded with an aim to lead the change in making fashion circular & sustainable, we are radically transparent about everything.

  • Global Organic Textile Standard, Certified Cotton, Ethical Cotton, Ethical clothing men, ethical clothing women

    Global Organic Textile Standard

    GOTS verifies the organic status of textiles across the supply chain. To obtain their authentication, our products have met the minimum of 70% natural organic fibres.

  • EcoVero, sustainable fabrics, eco-friendly fabrics, viscose


    Derived from certified renewable wood sources that utilise an eco-responsible production process which meet the highest environmental standards.

  • Lenzing, Tencel, summer fabric, sustainable clothing


    Lenzing’s fibers are made from natural wood and are botanic products derived from renewable sources that are processed with unique resource-conserving technologies.

  • OCS, Organic Content Standard, Organic cotton

    Organic Cotton Standard

    The Organic Content Standard verifies the presence and amount (95-100%) of organic material in a final product right from its origin source.

  • 100% Hemp, sustainability clothes

    100% Hemp

    Made from organically grown hemp that is considered to be one of the most sustainable fibers. *(P.S. NO SUCH CERTIFICATION)

  • Global Recycled Standard, Recyclable clothing

    Global Recycle Standard

    A certification that verifies the volume of recycled material in a final product and meets the minimum requirement of at least 20% recycled materials.

  • Recycled Wool

    Recycled Wool

    Recycled wool is created through a closed loop system that returns garments to the raw fibre state and makes it into yarn again, to produce new products.

Our sustainable practices include ethically sourced & certified fabrics, waste-free production,
biodegradable & recyclable packaging, chemical-free dyes for our eco-friendly fabrics
& more.

We are ZAVI, an ethical, organic, and sustainable clothing brand. Our ethically sourced fabrics are designed, manufactured, and packaged using sustainable materials. We use natural plant-based fabrics like bamboo, hemp, and organic cotton to make Sustainable Clothing for Women and Sustainable Clothing for Men that are timeless, stylish, and suit your every need.