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Biodegradable Fabrics: Can We Really Compost Our Clothes?

When an object is capable of being decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms by avoiding pollution altogether, they are considered to be biodegradable. Sustainable fashion brands use materials that are deemed biodegradable, but it's not as simple as tossing that t-shirt into the ground and expect nature to take its course.  We are well aware of the fact that a ton of clothing is being discarded every year, an estimated 50 million to be specific. And most of it will not biodegrade in a landfill, especially synthetic materials like polyester or nylon that could potentially also leak chemicals into...


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5 Big Reasons To Resist The Urge To Buy Fast Fashion

Fast fashion has turned into the proverbial black sheep of the industry lately and with good reason. However, this hasn’t deterred a lot of its consumers to break away completely. Inditex, parent retail company to the likes of Zara among many more brands has made over $26.1billion in sales in 2018 alone. Stylish offerings with a speed to market like no other — fast fashion clearly has us hooked but when we get down to the brass tacks, it's not as glamorous as it may seem.  Low cost, but at a high price  Fast fashion is convenient and cheap but...


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2020 Trend Alert: Colour-Blocking

Colours breathe life into fashion in a way spotting a rainbow does. Nothing gets us visually tickled like seeing a collection of brightly hued clothing coming down a runway or peeping through shop windows. Which is why it comes as no surprise when we keep seeing colour-blocking pop up as a major trend almost every summer.  From Balmain to Marc Jacobs, Gucci to Victoria Beckham and beyond — across all fashion capitals, colour-blocking is going to be one of the most notable looks for spring/summer 2020. While seemingly effortless, pulling off colour-blocking does require some grit and gusto. The trend...


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Know Your Zavi Material: Hemp

A plant that had once held negative connotations for purely being associated with Cannabis, a.k.a Marijuana is now having a righteous moment in the sustainable circuit. Hemp is the plant that was once flying under the radar and is now suddenly everywhere. Whether it's in the form of fabric, CBD oils, edible seeds or even in the form of construction material — yes, just like concrete! Hemp is clearly having a moment and its only getting started.  As opposed to other plants that are grown on an industrial scale, wherein only a certain part of the plant is used, every...


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Year In Review: 2019’s Biggest Sustainable Trailblazers

Climate change has been the most heated topics in the recent years, but felt even more so this year. Whether it was the United States of America’s formal withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord, the environmental campaign group ‘Extinction Rebellion’ wanting to shut down London Fashion week or the quality of air in the Indian capital reaching hazardous levels — 2019 has been the wake up call we didn’t know we needed. Amidst all the alarming news, this year has also shone a bright spotlight on the ones who’ve been the voice of reason.  Greta Thunberg  Whether the subject of...


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Circularity: Fashion’s Latest Game-Changer

At ZAVI, we like staying on top of our game when it comes to the sustainability revolution because as challenging as addressing many of its concerns may be, learning about new and creative business models can be rather exciting. And this is exactly how we feel about fashion’s latest buzzword — circularity.  Our industry currently works around a linear model of ‘make, use and dispose’ that has proven to be catastrophic for the environment. The circular economy aims at closing the linear loop by creating products that last longer and can be regenerated when no longer in use. Not to...


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Your Guide For Conscious Gift Ideas For Christmas

Zavi means sustainability when they say sustainable clothing. While we adopt higher welfare and standard of living, in a world as diverse as ours, we still know that the things of value are better left intact. With the use of organic cotton, bamboo, peace silk, recycled polyester, hemp, and lyocell material which are environment-friendly in nature, and in an endeavour to produce sustainable clothing for women, Zavi has managed to create a range of exquisite holiday winter fashion gifting ideas for Christmas for women this season. Ethical Holiday Gifting Ideas For Her -  Pick #1 - The Alexandria Maxi Dress...


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The Ultimate Conscious Shopping Guide For The Holidays

Conscious fashion goes by many avatars like eco fashion, ethical fashion, and in some cases sustainable fashion. In 2010, the textile industry in China was said to come third in the overall wastewater discharge at an amount of 2.5 billion tons of wastewater per year. In China, the textile industry discharges about 300,600 tons of CO2 and contributes to 8.2 % of CO2 pollution in the entire country. In light of such scary figures, ethical fashion practices must become the norm in every household, down to every brand and individual.  This season, while you’re racking you’re brains trying to think...


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Materialism and Consumerism quotes to keep your spirits High!

We understand how exhausting it can be to keep scrolling through your Instagram feed to find mindless consumerism being shoved down your throat. It is extremely normal to feel overwhelmed in this time of capitalism. So here are a few quotes to make you feel better! Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed. ~Mohandas K. Gandhi, quoted in E.F. Schumacher, Small Is Beautiful God forbid that India should ever take to industrialism after the manner of the west... keeping the world in chains. If [our nation] took to similar economic exploitation, it would strip...


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Top Sustainable Fashion trends of 2019

  The global roar for sustainable fashion has been on an unstoppable rise lately. As the year draws to a close, it also marks one of the greatest years when sustainable practices took over the world. The ethos of sustainable fashion encompasses more than textiles and designs themselves this year. Impressive efforts have been made by many corporates and sustainable fashion brands to redefine the whole eco-system of fashion in order to produce better clothes to reduce the risk of pollution to the environment. Certain negative factors brought about this change towards sustainable fashion by big players in the industry....


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Gen Z and Fast Fashion: How to produce less waste!

If we’ve learnt anything from the latest Fashion weeks, it’s that Fashion’s priorities are changing. From Roland Mouret’s campaign against the single-use of clothes hangers- to Prada encouraging her followers to “think how they spend”, sustainability has become hot news.We know some hard facts about organic fashion’s role in the ongoing climate crisis, even though, the research shows that not all consumers are well-informed. Gen-Z with their instant gratification through Instagram and smartphones have been at the helm of this mass consumption. So how does Gen-Z take accountability of what is already a massive problem? We highlight a few points...


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Our Christmas Checklist

Christmas is a fun time of year as you get to spoil the people you love and watch their happy faces as they unwrap the gifts you got them. Whether it’s playing secret Santa at work or spreading the festive cheer at home, there’s still a bit of time left to spot a great find and our fabulous pieces will definitely fit the bill.  For the Christmas host... With festive parties sparkling on the horizon, the excitement around Christmas is truly upon us. While a great bottle of red can be your safest bet when it comes to party favours,...


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The Ultimate Traveller’s Guide to Sustainability

Sustainable fashion is more than just a trendy or cool fad that is being talked about. With environmental issues spiraling, sustainability in fashion is a lifestyle choice that every fashionista should and must make. As of today, the fashion industry makes up 10% of global emissions, pollute our rivers and streams and dries up our water resources. Right from the littlest of things, down to the biggest, practicing sustainability in fashion is a lifestyle choice and can be habit-forming when done right. Every travel blog and travel influencer has been leveraging on the green travel and sustainable fashion trend. But...


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The Age of Minimalism and Why You Should Adopt It

Let’s face it; you and I are in the age of minimalism, and the hot-topic is now more than just a rising trend. What is this new age of minimalism, and why are millennials all over the world talking about it? Due to rising environmental concerns, unemployment rates, dropping stock prices, piling on of debt and an overall poor market, many people have switched to frugal living as a sustainable way forward. Consumers are soon identifying their needs and wants and evaluating every purchasing decision based on it. Consuming less means there’s more of the environment being saved, and that...


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20 Easy Zero Waste Swaps for Everyday Life

Greta Thunberg, in her speech at the UN took an outspoken and undiluted stand on climate change. The 16 year old girl from Sweden, rose to fame with her blunt speech at the UN Climate Action Summit earlier this year, urging both the public and political leaders and assemblies to take immediate action to address the climate crisis at hand. Climate change is the subject of the hour, and people all around the world are talking about it. While the conversation ensues on a global scale, the subject on environmental conservation can get a bit daunting. A heavy culture of...


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Top 5 Affordable, Ethical Clothing Brands to Invest In

The advantages of having sustainable clothing brands are many. As ethical shoppers, we must be well aware of every fashion choice we make and use our power to vocally object malpractices taking place in the fashion world. With environmental concerns skyrocketing, and the likes of Greta Thunberg echoing the voice of thousands, the time for ethical and environmentally friendly clothing is now. According to a 2015 report by the Pulse of Fashion, the fashion industry was alone accountable for 1,715 million tonnes of CO2 emissions. According to reports, the fashion industry is said to consume more energy than both the...


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Trend alert: Smouldering silks

December is a time to reflect, retrospect and rejoice as we look forward to ending the year with Christmas parties and of course, ring in the new decade. When the clock strikes at midnight on December 31st, we would imagine you’d want to shut it down in something sparkly and shiny, so we narrowed down the perfect trend for you to welcome 2020 in effortless style.  When it comes to fashion trends sequins aren’t the only embodiment of all things shiny — if anything, most people even shy away from wearing head-to-toe sequins. Lucky for us, there’s an elegant, more...


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5 Ways In Which You Can Reduce Your Fashion Carbon Footprint

Just like an actual footprint, a carbon footprint is a polluting mark you are leaving behind on the environment. Carbon emissions aren’t just exclusive to heavy industrial sources, the fashion industry alone produces 10% of all humanity's carbon emissions and we are far from reversing its imminent effects. So, just how can we contribute towards reducing our personal footprints as a fashion consumer? 1. Buy less, buy smart If you’re seeking some valid points to fill up your 2020 resolution list with, being more frugal with fashion should definitely make it to your top five. Fashion has for long romanticised...


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Reading Between The Lines Of Your Clothing Labels

When it comes to garment labels, most shoppers only tend to look at the size and price markers as that’s where the initial purchasing priorities lie. But when it comes to the labels inside the clothes, a majority of consumers would admit to completely ignoring the fabric and wash details, whereas some would go so far as to even snipping them off completely. While we may grow accustomed to this disregard, the very idea of ignorance towards these minute details can cost the environment, slowly but surely. 100% of what? For long we’ve been hard-wired to think that seeking out...


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5 Easy Ways To Make Conscious Decisions With Your Wardrobe

The path to sustainability isn’t linear, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be an unattainable one either. Whether it’s embracing organic materials or buying clothes that are made with fair trade practices, taking small steps towards a conscious wardrobe is certainly within reach.  KonMari your wardrobe  It didn’t take Marie Kondo long to become a global phenomenon and for good reason. The queen of tidying up preaches de-cluttering by letting go of things that no longer spark joy, aka ‘The KonMari method’ — in wardrobe speak, that translates to things that we no longer wear or have outgrown....


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