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Men's Sustainable Clothing

Elevate your summer wardrobe with Zavi's Summer Glow Collection. This chic curation of sustainable men's clothing combines eco-friendly fabrics with timeless, sophisticated styles. Featuring a palette of neutral yet vibrant hues, our collection exudes effortless elegance. Shine bright this summer with fashion that’s as conscious as it is stylish.


Fossil Grey,collar, button, sleevesm shirt, certfied organic cotton shirt for men
Black,hemp trousers for men, Summer clothes for men, Organic clothing, Sustainable mens clothing
Blueberry,hemp shirt for men, mens organic shirt, blue shirt, Affordable sustainable clothing

Jay Shirt


Navy,organic jacket, casual attire men, Sustainable mens clothing, Affordable sustainable clothing
Ivory,linen shirt for men, linen shirt, Summer clothes for men, Organic clothing

Bilbao Shorts

$52 $74


Palmer T-Shirt

$40 $57


Bondi Shorts

$47 $67

This Summer 2024, ZAVI presents a captivating collection of chic and sustainable clothing for men and women, artfully fashioned from eco-friendly fabrics. Revel in these timeless silhouettes, draped in serene neutral hues, ideal for those sun-kissed summer days. Embrace the harmony of elegance and sustainability, where each piece is a testament to refined sophistication and conscious living.

  • Organic

  • Less water

  • Non-Violence

  • Eco-Friendly

  • Chemical-Free

  • Recyled