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ZAVI Edit: Wardrobe Basics You'll Wear On Repeat

We are not just sustainability advocates, we are enablers. Our environmentally friendly separates can be mixed and matched owing to their classic styles and neutral colours that will have you repeating for years to come. We define a ‘repeatable outfit’ as one that is made well enough to stand the test of time and makes you feel just as good with every single wear. We have suggested some best-selling basics that are guaranteed to give you feel-good factor.

Effortless Ease

There’s nothing better than coming across effortlessly put together without all the work. The key to pulling this off at a moment's notice really boils down to some trusty, key pieces.

ZAVI Provence Shirt

Provence Shirt

ZAVI Sofia Jacket

Sofia Jacket

ZAVI Sydney Skirt

Sydney Skirt

ZAVI Breezer Top

Breezer Top

ZAVI Bristol Trousers

Bristol Trousers

ZAVI Cayman Shirt

Cayman Shirt

ZAVI Bondi Shorts

Bondi Shorts

ZAVI Alps Sweatshirt

Alps Sweatshirt

Not so Basic

If you invest in the right wardrobe basics, creating some killer looks can be refreshingly easy. These repeat-worthy pieces suggest that you're stylish, but a true minimalist.

ZAVI Brittany Dress

Brittany Dress

ZAVI Midtown Dress

Midtown Dress

ZAVI Ariel Dress

Ariel Dress

ZAVI Catania Top

Catania Top

ZAVI Byron Bay Shirt

Byron Bay Shirt

ZAVI Fuji Trousers

Fuji Trousers

ZAVI Novara Shirt

Novara Shirt

ZAVI Nile Trousers

Nile Trousers

Street Cred

If months of social distancing have you yearning for looks that give you the best of both worlds when it comes to getting dressed up or staying on-point at home, then look no further, you’ll love our comfy-yet-cool pieces.

ZAVI Athena Shorts

Athena Shorts

ZAVI Bora Bora Top

Bora Bora Top

ZAVI Athena Joggers

Athena Joggers

ZAVI Martinique Top

Martinique Top

ZAVI Harlem Shorts

Harlem Shorts

ZAVI Athens Joggers

Athens Joggers

ZAVI Palmer T-shirt

Palmer T-shirt

ZAVI Langley Pullover

Langley Pullover

Published by: Vibhuti Vazirani/ 2020-07-09

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