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ZAVI: Environmental Policy

As a conscious clothing brand, we hold ourselves accountable for the entire lifecyle of every garment we produce, which is why we make it our responsibility to be proactive in finding ways in which we can continue to better our practices and sustainable solutions across our entire supply chain. Our job here is never done.

Our Promise:

  • Reduce the environmental impact associated with manufacturing clothing and any related activities by recycling, reducing and reusing waste wherever possible.
  • Commit to upcycle post-production fabric scraps into new products.
  • Continually train and educate our employees on sustainability practices for a successful, healthy and happy work culture for an informed team on a joint mission.
  • Design and manufacture our products with utmost consideration for our environment and our people while meeting sustainable certifications/standards requirements.
  • Stay committed towards taking actionable steps to meet the targets we have pledged to support with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.