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3 ZAVI Materials And Their Surprising Antibacterial Properties

We now exist in what is known as ‘the new normal’ where all things antibacterial are of utmost importance, but it’s not just face masks and gloves that could potentially shield you from germs. Some of our clothes are made from materials that are clinically proven to have antibacterial properties. To help you get started on your germ-free wardrobe, we’ve rounded up some pieces that’ll not only have you worrying less, but looking on point at all times.

Hemp Heroes 

Did you know that hemp fibres have been used as an antibacterial finishing agent and for surgical devices? Hemp is composed of compounds with antibacterial properties that have proven to be effective against E. Coli. As you shop our hemp pieces listed below, you can breathe easy knowing that they’re potentially packed with germ-fighting abilities. 

Cellulosic Saviours 

Moisture is a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria and fungi, but cellulosic fibres like TENCEL® Lyocell inhibit bacterial growth as it absorbs moisture into its very core. While this is true with most cellulosic fibres, we use lyocell in our clothes which is the strongest of them all with 10 times less bacterial growth than cotton.

Bamboo Barriers

Studies show that even after 50 washes, bamboo fibre can retain a lot of its antimicrobial properties. The findings concluded that after incubating bacteria on bamboo fibre samples, there was a bacteria death rate of 70%. So, whether you’re aiming for feeling fresh or feeling clinically clean, any of our bamboo-blend pieces from the lineup below can help you get there.

Published by: Vibhuti Vazirani/ 2020-06-30

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