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Zavi's Recycled Wool

Wool has long been regarded as an eco-friendly fibre choice that boasts numerous benefits. To recount, it’s a powerful insulator, 100% natural, renewable, long-lasting and biodegradable. However, producing virgin wool can be a resource-intensive job that relies on large amounts of land for grazing sheep, a ton of water to clean the fibre, and copious amounts of chemicals and dyes to treat the finished fabric.

By using recycled wool, we are decreasing our dependence on excessive chemicals, water and energy, while extending the lifespan of a fibre that has already been produced.

Our recycled wool-blend separates come from pre-consumer wool: textile waste created in the production stage that has been blended with other recycled fibres to strengthen and give the material additional thermo-regulating properties.

Moreover, our recycled wool-blend pieces have been certified by the Global Recycle Standard (GRS), which assures that our products were processed in an eco-friendly manner with minimal chemical use.

Conscious Aftercare
Dry clean
Do not tumble dry
Warm iron
Flat dry