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Zavi's Recycled Polyester

The better alternative to virgin polyester, our recycled polyester material provides all the warmth and insulation that outerwear demands—minus the negative environmental impact. 

Recycled polyester is made using post-industrial fibre waste and post-consumer plastic (PET bottles and packaging used for many consumer products) that is processed using 80% less energy to recycle, compared to the laborious process of creating virgin polyester from petroleum.

Making recycled polyester also results in less carbon dioxide emissions and uses less water than its virgin counterpart. By using recycled polyester, we are also doing our part to divert polyester away from landfills and our oceans by repurposing single-use plastic water bottles and containers. 

To provide you with further sustainable assurance, our recycled polyester pieces have been certified by the Global Recycle Standard (GRS), giving our products the green stamp of approval that they were processed in an eco-friendly manner with minimal chemical use.


Conscious Aftercare
Machine wash at hand wash setting
Flat dry