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How you can help make sustainable fashion more affordable

The fashion industry is probably the most followed and preferred industry for people across the world after food. It fulfills one of the most important necessities. The industry has a valuation of USD3 trillion parallel to the 7th biggest economy. It employs more than 300 million employees and workers. But it has a bad impact on our environment. Constantly looking for cheap and easy manufacturing processes has landed us into big trouble. It impacts our environment negatively by putting our ecosystem on huge stress.

 This is where sustainable clothing is the best chance to revive our environment and give our planet a chance to sustain. The biggest threat looms on the freshwater reserves. Sustainable development is being researched by new fashion brands and entrepreneurs showing exceptional responsibility towards Mother Earth.

Issues faced by sustainable clothing brands

The obstacles mainly faced by the blooming brands are:

  • Cost of resources
  • The price of procuring raw materials for manufacturing sustainable eco-friendly clothing is not cheap. The raw materials used by the fast fashion industries are referred to as ‘Use – Make – Waste. Blended fabric is used to reduce the price of products and make it available for all. This is the biggest threat to all those small brands that are willing to make a change. The resources come at a huge price which impacts the price of produce.

  • Labor exploitation
  • It has been reported that 97% of the clothing items are manufactured in developing countries. The workers do not get what they deserve in terms of wages and facilities.

  • Consumer sentiment
  • The sentiments of the millennials will also impact on the issues. The more inclined they are on fast fashion; the bigger is the threat for such companies to survive.

    What we can do as a responsible citizen?

    There is no doubt that our buying decision will literally impact our ecosystem. It is our consciousness that will keep this benevolent and noble cause alive. The small companies are striving to do something good and we need to support it. Our buying choices need to incline more on sustainable and ethical clothing items.

    What will happen if we switch?

    When we switch to the smaller brands and go for ethical clothing items only, the following things will happen.

  • Demand will increase
  • Once the responsible millennials decide to buy ethical clothing items from the smaller brands, the demand will automatically rise. The other industries linked to this sustainable development process will also learn more about the increasing demand and will invest their resources accordingly.

  • Raw material cost
  • The raw material will then cost less and the price of manufacturing such items will also reduce.

  • Setting a trend
  • A trend will be set that everyone will follow. Hence, the major section of the industry will take part in the competition and the small brands initiating this trend will survive.

    A small change in you can be multiplied and impact the environment positively. This is the right time to think twice before buying clothes and help making sustainable clothing more affordable.

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    Published by: Vibhuti Vazirani/ 2020-05-28

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