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ZAVI Edit: Travel Essentials For The Jet-Setters

As we approach the summer season, there’s nothing better to occupy our procrastinating minds with than some travel plans. Whether its a humble road trip to your nearest beach town or a full-blown European adventure, Seeing to it that you don't panic while you pack, we put together our of-the-moment travel essentials, no matter the destination. 

Tropical fervour

For those of you who enjoy chasing the surf, sun and sand, a great swimsuit or trunks and a pair of sunnies are absolutely non-negotiable. But that doesn’t mean you should compromise and go lazy on the rest of your time lounging away from the sea. Women can opt for colourful crop tops or fluid sundresses, whereas the men can transition into board shorts and some relaxed shirts while on vacation. Just don’t forget appropriate neutral footwear that work with just about everything and helps you travel light. 

ZAVI Ariel Dress

Ariel Dress

ZAVI Capri Top

Capri Top

ZAVI Santorini Top

Santorini Top

 ZAVI Bondi Shorts

Bondi Shorts

ZAVI Amalfi Shirt

Amalfi Shirt

ZAVI Bilbao Shorts

Bilbao Shorts

Après ski

If your plans involve a chalet in the alps, then your primary concern is understandably not about looking cool but usually just about how to keep from freezing. These would entail appropriate ski gear and some sweatshirts and comfortably warm-wears. However, there’s no reason why you can’t creatively layer up in ensembles that serve both fashion and function. Think colourful sweaters and joggers for the women and some athleisure inspired sweats for the men. 

ZAVI Montana Vest

Montana Vest 

ZAVI Athena Sweatshirt

Athena Sweatshirt

ZAVI Athena Joggers

Athena Joggers

ZAVI Alston Jacket

Alston Jacket

ZAVI Langley Pullover

Langley Pullover

ZAVI Athens Joggers

Athens Joggers

Published by: Vibhuti Vazirani/ 2020-03-02

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