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ZAVI Edit: Sweatshirts That Help You Snuggle up in Style

Sweatshirts have become the unofficial uniform of quarantine and we aren’t the least bit surprised. There’s no denying their unparalleled comfort and transitional style. Whether you’re hunkering down indoors or stepping out for a quick errand, the humble sweatshirt is there to save the day. But, if you’re longing to add a stylish spin on this comforting piece then look no further — we’ve got you covered.

Carefully Coordinated 

Matching sets or coordinated clothing aren’t just for toddlers but have surprisingly become somewhat of a style statement lately. From catwalks to the gym, showing up in a pair of synced separates certainly holds some style cachet. And now loungewear seems to have caught the coordinated bug as well. Whether you’re staying in or heading out, super-relaxed matching separates like these are really the only outfit you need right now. A roomy organic cotton sweatshirt and a pair of matching pants are sure to keep you immensely comfy and stylish at the same time. The resulting look can be impactful, without being overly complicated — just what the fashion minimalists are looking for. Our favourite part? You can easily punctuate the look by adding a touch of contrast with all-white sneakers.


When it comes to winter styling, we prefer adding a hint of colour to brighten up the dreary weather. And what better a way to embrace some coloured sweatshirts than by contrasting it with bold hues. What we really love about colour-blocking is that it is hard to get wrong. You can easily mix and match pieces from your own closet with a pristine multi-colour piece for a fresh, runway-inspired look. But if that seems like too much effort, fret not, for we have some readily colour-blocked sweatshirts that push the fashion envelope just enough. Bright shades of yellow, blue and green come together to outline silhouettes and create a wide border on the boxy pieces. A muted sweatshirt can be radiant on a whole new level thanks to a brightly coloured stripe. What’s more? The boys can embrace some pastel hues at ease with our fresh colour combinations that are bound to keep you in style all through the winter.

Published by: Vibhuti Vazirani/ 2020-12-01

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