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ZAVI Edit: Maximal Style, Minimal Effort

Now, we are not going to be as bold as to say that that minimalism is out but with lockdown easing globally, having a little fun with sustainable fashion is just what the doctor ordered. Think billowy silhouettes, colour-blocking, and ruffling some feathers with, you guessed it, RUFFLES. However, we know the path to maximalism can feel quite daunting, so we thought we’d ease you in gently with a roundup of our trans-maximalist pieces for the minimalist convert.

Pump up the Volume

Forget everything you ever heard about the less is more approach. A wide leg trouser and a billowy top might not be two pieces you'd usually pair, but go surprisingly well together — Just make sure you play down the footwear with a simple pump. 

Colour Outside the Lines 

Mixing prints and patterns isn’t for the faint-hearted but clashing block colours, so we’re going to ease you in gently with some block colour mixing (don’t worry, you got this!) Think pastel separates paired with bold hues or opt for a bright dress with some contrasting coloured accessories — the world is your oyster. (google ‘colour wheel’ if you’re ever questioning your colours).

ZAVI Whistler Sweatshirt

Whistler Sweatshirt

Go to Great Lengths

Mixing it up with different length garments requires confidence, so we’ve left this one till the end. It may not seem like an asymmetric top and a pair of culottes would work together, but trust us, they do! You could also try top heavy layering — a foolproof way to give the illusion of supermodel legs. Or simply pair a longline sustainable Jackets for women with a shorter skirt - your legs will go on for decades! 

ZAVI Petra Jacket

Petra Jacket

Published by: Vibhuti Vazirani/ 2020-07-21

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