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ZAVI Edit: Elevated Loungewear

From men’s sneakers and sweatshirts to women’s joggers and bodysuits, according to the Lyst Index that measures the world’s hottest styles from a formula that filters millions of items by volume of social media mentions, searches, page views, interactions and sales across thousands of online stores — one thing is clear, loungewear is having a strong moment. 

Despite lockdown slowly easing globally, weeks of spending our time in comfortable clothes and working from home has actually made us want to abandon those very heels or tailored trousers that were once part of our rotational workplace attire. Even the very idea of a few people at the office coupled with a constant fear of unintentionally coming in contact with something virus prone hasn’t exactly made everyone gung-ho about dressing up again. Perhaps there’s really more to be said about leaning on comfort clothing because they serve the very purpose of the word ‘comfort’ in both, a literal and figurative sense. That being said, comfy loungewear doesn’t have to necessarily mean looking miserable as the late Karl Lagerfeld famously quipped “Sweatpants are sign of defeat.” After trending for years now, streetwear and normcore have raised the bar on elevated loungewear — joggers have gotten a lot chicer, hoodies give you major street cred and bike shorts are basically a starter kit on cool.

Stylish lounge-picks can easily double up as workwear too so long as you strike the balance between easy comfort and good tailoring. When it comes to colours, opt for tonality with neutral hues instead of bright neons or sporty shades. And when it comes to silhouettes its always better to steer clear of anything too baggy.  For the ladies we suggest sticking to a great pair of organic cotton joggers and teaming them with a tank and boxy blazer. While the men can choose a pair of organic cotton stretch pants with a polo t-shirt that comes off as a lot less casual when compared to just a basic t-shirt. Of course, body hugging gymwear is off limits as that can render a more careless than cautious vibe. The idea is to mix and match with pieces that you would normally wear to work on a casual Friday but keep it comfy. 

If you’re still figuring out where to get a hold of some elevated loungewear, then look no further as we have you covered with some of our top selections;

Published by: Vibhuti Vazirani/ 2020-06-24

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