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ZAVI Edit: Affordable Luxury on a Budget

We love fashion and we love luxury — but we adore affordable and sustainable clothing a lot more. After all, dressing well doesn’t have to mean taking out a mortgage on your house. With the right kind of pieces, sophistication on a budget can be easily attainable. Ahead, we show you how to look expensive, without burning a hole in your pocket. 

The Midas Touch

Lustrous silks and satins are the easiest way to inject a dose of luxury into your life. These glistening fabrics have an elegant quality to them that can make their wearer appear instantly sophisticated and even uplift the most basic separates. Use this to your advantage by adding a skirt or top, Jackets and Coats into your outfit rotation, but remember to wear minimal accessories. If you prefer the minimalist approach, then we highly recommend opting for a dark, jewel toned dress that’ll guarantee an opulent effect. 

Tone on Tone

We’ve seen a ton of celebrities pull this one off before and now we know why. Monochrome ensembles or tonal looks have the ability to look instantly expensive, especially when done right. You could either wear multiple shades of the same colour at once (think: beige, cream and fawn) or sport the same hue from head to toe. If monochrome styling seems too intimidating to pull off, you could always opt for the same hue in different textures of fabrics to create some visual intrigue.

Made to Measure

When it comes to looking luxe, tailored looks are worth their weight in gold. But that doesn’t mean wearing a full-fledged tailored suit every time you’d like to look more polished than usual. We love the laid-back appeal of mixing tailored pieces with relaxed looks. Think half-sleeved shirts with slick trousers or a flimsy camisole teamed with a pencil skirt. Remember to keep it simple; your sartorial pursuit for sophistication can end with just one tailored item of clothing.

Published by: Vibhuti Vazirani/ 2020-11-23

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