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Your Guide For Conscious Gift Ideas For Christmas

Zavi means sustainability when they say sustainable clothing. While we adopt higher welfare and standard of living, in a world as diverse as ours, we still know that the things of value are better left intact. With the use of organic cotton, bamboo, peace silk, recycled polyester, hemp, and lyocell material which are environment-friendly in nature, and in an endeavour to produce sustainable clothing for women, Zavi has managed to create a range of exquisite holiday winter fashion gifting ideas for Christmas for women this season.

Ethical Holiday Gifting Ideas For Her - 

Pick #1 - The Alexandria Maxi Dress

Though maxi dresses intend to cover up your whole body, who’s to say they can’t be sexy even in doing so? This chilly winter season, cover yourself up in this exquisite 100% proviscose, soft and silky feminine maxi dress with an embellished self-tie belt to accentuate your curves. Keep your dress buttoned up for a sleek, sophisticated look, or let the bottom buttons loose for a sexy, flirtatious style. Made of wood cellulose fibres, the dress is made of highly absorbent fabric that is perfect for humid as well as a chilly climate.

Amplify your look in metallic heels, or play it down and casual in brown leather boots or a sexy pair of wedge heels.


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Pick #2 - The Moritz Dress 

One of our favourites from the Zavi collection, the Moritz Cowl Neck dress is truly to die for. Bound to make a statement in any room its wearer enters, this exquisite party wear dress is a must-have in every fashionista’s wardrobe. Don’t we all have that one dress in our wardrobe that is our go-to saviour on those days when even the most perfect dress acts all evasive? Well, this is it. This it-dress with a cowl neck style has been seen on the likes of many including Bella Hadid, Katie Holmes, Kim Kardashian, Eva Mendes and many more. 

Stay stylish and chic in this i-promise-to-never-disappoint black cowl neck vegan silk dress, and make a fashion statement by pairing it with a bold and timeless pair of stilettos or pumps.


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Pick #3 - The Marrakesh Shirt 

The Marrakesh Shirt not only oozes in glamour and style but stands true to timeless elegance through its silk ruffles and delicate drape. The shirt can be paired with a pair of fitting formal black evening pants, or even dark brown/ maroon leather skirt or pants. Help your girlfriend stay true to her reputation of a modern, smart independent woman in this wear-me-to-the-office or wear-me-to-that-party flexible feel-good vegan satin shit. It’s truly the perfect, feel-good, luxurious gift that is bound to bring a smile on the face of any woman.


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Pick #4 - The Brittany Dress

The Brittany dress makes for the most perfect summery look, while still exuding elegance and sophistication. With a very fuss-free styling, the dress features a wrap-around belt around the waist which is intended to accentuate the curves of its wearer. The dress can be worn as formal work wear with a pair of stilettos to give it an understated elegance, or it can be paired with a pair of fun and playful bohemian boots. Whatever the wearer’s style, the Brittany dress is perfect as a gift as it’s bound to please its wearer with its clean and easy vibe.

The Brittany dress can be accessorized with semi-precious and understated jewellery for formal business-like elegance, or beady accessories to pull off a laidback bohemian princess look.


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Pick #5 - The Arlie Top

The Arlie top is perfect for those days when you have a formal meeting to attend in the morning, and a party to go to in the evening. This top can transform from formal workwear clothes to party wear, and can also be pulled off as a smart daily wear outfit with its yummy shade of rich bluish elegance.

With its gathered waist and free-flowing sleeves, this vegan silk twill top is the ideal transitional choice for an exquisite and to-be-remembered day-to-night look.


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The Gift of Wrap-Arounds - Jackets & Vests

Nothing tells her that you love her more than showing her you care. Show her you care in these yummy winter wrap-arounds for the season. Make her day and help her stay ahead of the fashion game with our exquisite winter fashion gifting ideas from the house of Zavi.

Pick #6 - The Petra Jacket

If you’re still thinking of the best winter gift ideas to gift your woman this winter, help her stay effortlessly chic and stylish in the Zavi Petra sustainable jacket for women online. Made from superior quality fabric, and available in three different shades, the Petra jacket is very flexible in the way she’s flirtatious with just about any vibe, and just about any look. Add the perfect finishing touch to your daily winter wardrobe by investing in this Petra jacket that is lightweight enough to be worn to office on a hot summer day as well can be pulled off as chic winter style. The tailored longline jacket is cut from proviscose and has two pockets on either sides of the jacket.


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Pick #7 - The Skye Jacket

The Skye Winter Jacket is a popular favourite from the house of Zavi. It remains a popular favourite for two reasons - for its effortless styling and ease of wear, and the colours that the Skye jacket is available in. Designed in a range of versatile colours, this hemp jacket comes with classic notch lapels with a belt that completes the look together. The Skye jacket can be paired with tailored bell-bottom trousers or slim-fit pants, and the look can be finished off with a pair of fine leather boots or brown leather sandals.


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The holiday season is upon us once again, and it is indeed the much-awaited season of gifts. And we’re here to tell you, if you’re searching for a holiday gift guide 2019 for her this season, look no further!

‘Tis the season we reward ourselves for a year of hard work, and it’s time once again to splurge on some luxury gifts for ourselves and our loved ones. For the fashionistas, you now know where you can find some of the best holiday gift ideas for women. From a range of luxury fashion clothes, accessories and more as holiday gift ideas for women, Zavi truly has something unique to offer - an ethical and sustainable road to fashion gifting.

Published by: Vibhuti Vazirani/ 2019-12-23

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