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Work From Home Fashion: Outfits For Making A Stylish Impression On Zoom Calls

We have all called in sick and tried the whole 'working from home’ thing once or twice, but making a habit of it given the current lockdown scenario can seem rather daunting especially for the ones who miss their daily routines of dressing up and grooming to ready themselves for a big day ahead.

While it’s easy to think of it as an opportunity to sit back and relax with some comfortable home clothes, experts advise that sticking to regular routines might actually be better for us. Dr. Aurore Bardey, the course leader of the BA Psychology in Fashion at University of the Arts, London explains, “Quarantine is stressful; you have to relax, work and exercise in the same space and each of these activities will require a specific outfit. If you wear your sportswear outfit, your mind will switch quickly to exercise. If you wear your work outfit; your mind will be more prepared for working.” And we couldn’t agree more. Sticking to regular routines has proven to increase productivity and can potentially give some semblance of mental ease  during these unstable times.

Zoom video calls have also become the norm now that we have socially distanced ourselves from our teammates, but that should be no reason for them to stare at your sweats or old gym t-shirt. Sure, getting away with a comfier pair of bottoms is fine since that’s not on their eye level unless you’re a yoga instructor that needs to appear professional in front of your clients while you teach them how to downward dog. But as for the top? We highly recommend sprucing it up to look at least halfway polished for work yet comfortable enough for you to slip on in the mornings without having to run an iron through it or having to button it up. 

For the women, we recommend sticking to modest yet comfortable tops that are fuss free but still look presentable — our lyocell Antalya women’s top is the perfect combination of those very features. Feel free to team that with easy palazzos or leggings if you wish. For the men we highly recommend sticking to polo-style t-shirts for those important video conferences and easily team them with a pair of comfortable shorts or track pants — ZAVI’s Syracuse polo is a great option for this job.

Now that you’re filled in on how to go about choosing your next few lockdown looks, here are a few options to get you sorted for a stylish quarantine;

Published by: Vibhuti Vazirani/ 2020-04-13

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