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Taking Up A Vegan Wardrobe Diet

After what seemed to look like a short-lived fad, veganism has gone completely mainstream to such a great degree that the month of January is now being heralded as Veganuary — just like its Movember counterpart, this month is all about embracing the vegan lifestyle to spread awareness and educate. However, it should be noted that going down the vegan rabbit hole isn’t just exclusive to your diet alone. Being vegan, by extension applies to every thing you consume or use on a daily basis that includes skincare, makeup and even your clothes. 

Vegan 101

Just like a vegan diet is comprised of only plant-based products that strictly excludes meat, fish, dairy, honey or eggs. The vegan fashion diet is similarly driven by concerns about animal cruelty, climate change and sustainability. For your closet, that means avoiding animal derived products like leather, silk, fur and wool by wearing more plant-based fibres like organic cotton, hemp, bamboo and linen instead.

A learning curve

Seeking out vegan fashion may not be as cut and dried as swapping out cow’s milk for almond milk, but knowing the facts can help. It’s knowing the difference between PVC and polyurethane (PU) leather when it comes to your accessories like shoes and bags. For example, vegan leather is made using PU, which is far less toxic to produce than PVC which is made using vinyl chloride, a known human carcinogen. It’s knowing that wool and cashmere and silk come at a harsh cost of the animal’s involved. As overwhelming as it may seem, taking the time to research brands with ethical and sustainable manufacturing processes can actually help you not only consume at a much slower rate but also make thoughtful choices along the way.

Not as hard as it seems

We acknowledge that it’s not possible to be the perfect vegan but with changing times, the fashion world has come to the realisation that the vegan consumer market is growing at an exponential rate and luckily there are a pack of brands leading the charge. The vegan movement has also paved the way for developing innovative, eco-friendly materials like pineapple leather, seed-fibre down alternatives and fleece made from recycled plastic bottles that are slowly making their way onto the market. With fabrics like bioengineered spider silk, mushroom leather and recycled ocean plastics, Stella McCartney has been a shining example of a brand that has been on the sustainable journey long before it became a necessary call to action. Additionally, brands like Patagonia, Reformation, Nanushka, Patagonia and Matt & Nat are just some of the many names that offer vegan wears.

Ahead, take a look at some of our vegan-friendly and plant-based clothes that could help you make the switch this Veganuary…


ZAVI Nido Jumpsuit

Nido Jumpsuit

(made from a bamboo and organic cotton blend)

Airlie Top

Airlie Top

(made from 100% vegan silk twill)

ZAVI Fitzroy Shirt

Fitzroy Shirt

(made from 100% organic cotton)

ZAVI Marbella Trousers

Marbella Trousers

(made from 100% hemp)



Published by: Vibhuti Vazirani/ 2020-01-10

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