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Top Sustainable Fashion trends of 2019


The global roar for sustainable fashion has been on an unstoppable rise lately. As the year draws to a close, it also marks one of the greatest years when sustainable practices took over the world. The ethos of sustainable fashion encompasses more than textiles and designs themselves this year. Impressive efforts have been made by many corporates and sustainable fashion brands to redefine the whole eco-system of fashion in order to produce better clothes to reduce the risk of pollution to the environment.

Certain negative factors brought about this change towards sustainable fashion by big players in the industry. But the result in most cases had been nothing short of incredible. The highlight of this year was the signing of the G7 Fashion Pact by 150+ fashion brands of the year. They aimed at reducing the environmental impacts of the fashion industry. And that’s not all, the advancements in sustainable fashion were made by the increasing awareness amongst people all over the world.

To sum up the year in passing, we have highlighted a few ethical clothing trends that took over the Fashion World by storm:

Capsule Wardrobes

The basic idea of a capsule collection is to bring your closet down to the major essentials that mix and match well, and ensure you are expressing your style and individuality. Definitions might vary and many websites offer actionable and simple advice and guidelines to follow to streamline your wardrobe. If you follow these simple rules you’ll find that you have more to wear even if you have less. Be thoughtful of planning each piece that you put into your capsule so you don’t face any stress in daily decisions, and can confidently wear it every day.

Second Hand - Accessible Luxury

Second-hand shopping was once considered as good ideas for startups and big players have grown to be successful in this venture in the retail fashion industry. The resale market has been predicted to reach $41 billion in 2022 and second-hand is definitely becoming the first-choice of many shoppers. Most fast-fashion brands are copycat offenders, and buying these second-hand marvels will give you the chance to find a brilliant piece in the fashion archives which perfectly expresses your style.

Rentals Are In

The American women’s closet has 80% of clothes that are only worn three times or less. Yes, you heard that right. And it’s no surprise that many women are turning to rentals to own up to the fact that with many looks, they only wear it once and discard it. Even though the environmental impacts of this are still being determined, companies are trying to solve the issue of greening-up their supply chain and production as well.

Recycle and Upcycle

Upcycling has suddenly become cool with runway designers trying to repurpose everything from old scuba outfits to parachutes to luxury garments. While the fashion industry might be grappling with what to do with textile wastes that are piling up, creative high fashion brands are taking a stand and introducing a lot of repurposed  best women's sustainable clothing like denim made of 100% old jeans. 

Many solution-oriented bands like Patagonia? are honing in on plastic. Single-use plastic has been overwhelming our landfills and oceans and over 300 million tons of plastic are produced every year. To battle this, such ventures are a welcome to change. As a Fashion consumer, you are given a choice to battle this every day. With small steps, you can also become a sustainable and conscious consumer who lowers their overall carbon footprint. This post might have highlighted a few sustainable fashion trends, but they will only be useful once implemented, so we hope you use them wisely! Happy Shopping!

Published by: Vibhuti Vazirani/ 2019-12-16

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