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Timeless Tailoring: Pieces That Add Sophistication to Your Repertoire

Few things in life are as timeless as a well-tailored piece of Sustainable Clothing. It has the ability to outlive passing trends and its exquisite construction will make you cherish it for years to come. After all, well-made Sustainable Vests clothing is at the very heart of sustainability — a literal antithesis of mass produced fast fashion. Ahead, we’ve gathered some signature tailored looks that’ll get you out of your quarantine-induced sweatpant rut and infuse your #OOTD’s with some much needed sophistication.

The Devil Is in the Detail

A classic suit is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of timeless tailoring, and understandably so. The suit has a certain cachet and remains a defining feature of sharp dressing. It's the finesse that comes from the minute details that make it and the best part is, these details aren’t just restricted to suits alone. Think lapels, notched collars, patch pockets, fitted darts, cuffed hems — the works! These details don’t just add intrigue to the clothes but can make you stand out from the rest. 

Mimosas to Meetings

There’s nothing we dread more than being pulled into an emergency work meeting on a day off — some of which have been taking place over Zoom lately. But rather than scrounging around the wardrobe for a last minute outfit change, we prefer popping on one of our tried and true tailored pieces instead. They have the unique ability to instantly transform just about any casual look into a sharper one. Reaching for a crisp shirt to go over your t-shirt or a chic jacket to go over your dress can work wonders at the eleventh-hour.

Style Your Way to Success

Now that you’ve realised the full potential of investing in a well-tailored wardrobe, all that’s left is styling it. We’re huge proponents of playing with proportion and believe that balanced looks are always a success. Wearing a pair of super-slim pants? Throw on a chunky bomber and call it a day. It’s a look you can wear forever. A skirt with a shorter hemline calls for a long-sleeved top and a pair of flats to appear more feminine than flirty.

Published by: Vibhuti Vazirani/ 2020-09-23

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