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The Ultimate Conscious Shopping Guide For The Holidays

Conscious fashion goes by many avatars like eco fashion, ethical fashion, and in some cases sustainable fashion. In 2010, the textile industry in China was said to come third in the overall wastewater discharge at an amount of 2.5 billion tons of wastewater per year. In China, the textile industry discharges about 300,600 tons of CO2 and contributes to 8.2 % of CO2 pollution in the entire country. In light of such scary figures, ethical fashion practices must become the norm in every household, down to every brand and individual. 

This season, while you’re racking you’re brains trying to think of the best gifting ideas for loved ones, or considering in some winter indulge purchases yourself, try and make the core of your fashion decisions ethical. It can sometimes get daunting trying to find the right ethical shopping gifts to give our loved ones in a sea of fast fashion.  

To make your holiday shopping easier, we’ve collated a list of the must-haves in ethical fashion to be a part of your wardrobe. So whether you’re shopping for yourself, or a loved one, find the best in ethical sustainable fashion clothing from trousers and jackets for men, to tops and dresses for women.

Pick #1 - The Marbella Trousers 

The first thing to admire is the pleasant colour of these Marbella trousers from Zavi. With a shade that is most pleasing to the eye and fabric that oozes elegance, these light green Marbella trousers are an absolute must-have this season. Stand out among the crown of navies, blues, blacks and beiges in this off-beat yet mellow hue. These Marbella pants are made out of 100% hemp and come in a range of cool pastel colours. For style and elegance, pair these trousers with a slender pair of loafers or brown tie-ups, and give your wardrobe a spiffy new upgrade.


Buy these Marbella Trousers here

Pick #2 - The Gibson Jacket

The Gibson Jacket is one of our favourites in the timeless must-haves at Zavi. This olive green understated-yet-making-a-statement Gibson jacket is a bomber-inspired jacket with a front zipper jacket is cut from organic cotton featuring contrasting black bands on the wrist to give the jacket the edge it needs. Made of 100% organic cotton canvas and a lining of 100% cambring, the Gibson jacket knows how to amplify just about any look by several notches. Stay young and fashion-forward, or delight a loved one with this exquisite Gibson olive green jacket and Coats for men..


Buy the Gibson Jacket here

Pick #3 - The Fraser Hoodie 

They say white is the ultimate colours - one that goes on any given day or occasion. The same goes for this Zavi white hoodie that makes you look like you’re ready to face the day. The style of this hoodie is a cut-out from a soft organic cotton-elastane blend, designed to comfort, along with a spacious hoodie to keep your head well-protected. It goes unsaid that white best compliments dark-wash denim, but go the classy sophisticated style by pairing it with a pair of khaki chinos or corduroys. The fabric is soft and breathable, prepared safely and organically with no use of pesticides, herbicides or any toxic chemicals. Go ethical whilst still being chic in this elegant Fraser Hoodie from Zavi.


Buy the Fraser Hoodie here

Pick #4 - The Athens Sweatshirt 

There is no gift that speaks of love more than a warm winter sweatshirt that will hug its wearer till the Sun comes out. The same goes for the Athens sustainable sweatshirt that comes in various pastel colours and hues. This winter, gift yourself this warm sweatshirt or show someone you love them by cosying them up in the Athens pastel-hued sweatshirt. With fabric that is cut from organic cotton fleece, the sweatshirt has colour-contrasting bands at the arm and a half-zip front to highlight the layers beneath. Stay warm and cosy this winter in this classy, and mellow Athens Sweatshirt. Wear it as a jogger or as a travel-friendly look - the sweatshirt promises to be a daily friend. 


Buy the Athens Sweatshirt here 

Pick #5 - The Montana Vest

While the holiday season will soon end, it will be the time when many women choose to hit the gym to burn all those extra calories gained during the holiday season. So this season, stay inspired and inspire others in the Montana Vest for women from Zavi. Made from the quilted organic cotton-elastane blend, the Montana vest is your ideal solution to the perfect winter travel wardrobe. The easy-going vest can be paired with just about anything and elevates your day-look in a very unassuming manner. Zip up your Montana vest over a turtleneck cardigan, and pair it with a smart pair of white sneakers for a sophisticated winter look. Be prepared and always on the go in this Montana vest from Zavi.


Buy this vest here

Pick #6 - Athena Joggers 

The holiday season will soon be over and many of us will be hitting the gym again. A good old trusted pair of joggers seems like the perfect gift to oneself, or a loved one to prepare for those long back-to-fitness days ahead. The Athena joggers are made from organic cotton that is extremely light and feels very soft and smooth against the skin. These joggers have been designed to sit high on the hip to give easier manoeuvrability, with a relaxed tapered leg toward the bottom. These pants have been designed for comfort, and also stays true to style. Pair your Athena joggers with a casual graphic tee or a statement crop top or sweatshirts for a relaxed daytime look.



Buy these joggers here

Pick #7 - The Alps Sweatshirt

Men, there isn’t a better time to pull-off those classy colour-block sweatshirts that are most akin to winter. With the winter soon coming to an end, you need to find just the right balance between feelings of extreme cold and warmth. The Alps sweatshirt is here to do just that, and a whole lot more. Apart from staying warm, stay smart, and uber-stylish in this plush multi-coloured sweatshirt cut from organic cotton-fleece and in contrasting hues. Equipped with a chest pocket, this sweatshirt is designed to amplify just about any look. Pair it with a good old pair of jeans, chinos, or even play it down in matching joggers - either way, the Alps sweatshirt for men is designed to impress.


Buy the Alps Sweatshirt here

At Zavi, we strongly believe that today’s welfare and high standard of living must still leave the world as beautiful and diverse for future generations. When it comes to shopping, and especially this season being the season of joy and gifting - it would go a long way to bear in mind the consequences of mindless indulgent shopping. If you’re looking to spend your hard-earned money on shopping for anything or anybody this year - let it be the road lesser taken, let it be ethical.

Published by: Vibhuti Vazirani/ 2019-12-20

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