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The Age of Minimalism and Why You Should Adopt It

Let’s face it; you and I are in the age of minimalism, and the hot-topic is now more than just a rising trend. What is this new age of minimalism, and why are millennials all over the world talking about it?

Due to rising environmental concerns, unemployment rates, dropping stock prices, piling on of debt and an overall poor market, many people have switched to frugal living as a sustainable way forward. Consumers are soon identifying their needs and wants and evaluating every purchasing decision based on it. Consuming less means there’s more of the environment being saved, and that is something on the minds of consumers today.

The term minimalist art was first used in the 1960’s and 1970’s when art was stripped down to its basics by means of paintings, sculptures and music. This method of stripping it down to its basics soon seeped into design, architecture and fashion and was soon called names like modern, sophisticated and fuss-free.

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Less is more -

More and more people are being drawn to the minimalist lifestyle of owning as little as possible, and making purchases that are only absolutely necessary. With the rest of the world leaning toward minimalism and minimalist living, we decided it was about time we joined in on that conversation, and what it really means to be a minimalist.

Owning less leads to lesser things to worry about, and invariably lesser stress.

Easier decision-making - 

Nobody loves clutter. We know what walking into a messy room feels like, especially on that one day your brain demands that you be organized. Owning fewer things in life allows for better decision making and a clearer mind with all the excess out of the way. Go the live light way and drop off all the extra luggage on the way!

Make the most out of the least -

Adopting Digital minimalism as a lifestyle choice is to make the most out of life by using the least amount of technology. Remember those times you think you have no time, but deep down inside you know it’s just a matter of de-cluttering? A lot of the times a hoarded and digitally occupied life becomes stressful and time-consuming with all the multi-management happening on a given day. 

Leads to a healthier mind & body -

This is true and one of the best things about adopting minimalism as a lifestyle choice. Owning fewer things gives you fewer things to worry about, and in turn, fewer things to stress about. And what happens when the mind is stress-free and relaxed? You start to feel the difference in a healthier body, and in turn a healthier mind.

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 Improved presence of mind -

Owning too many things leads you to worry about too many things. Adopting a minimalist lifestyle helps you be present and more aware of your surroundings. The light-headedness that comes from letting go of unnecessary purchases and stressful thinking is very characteristic of living frugally and in a minimalist fashion. The simple things start to give you much joy, and there’s an inexplicable peace of mind that comes with not having to worry about things.

The minimalist way ahead -

With environmental concerns on the rise, now is the best time to think twice before making purchases, and cut down on unnecessary spending. Consuming fewer means using up less of the earth’s natural resources, and using up less of the earth’s natural resources ensures there’s enough for the generations after us.

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 Simple decisions go a long way in protecting our environment. The next time you think about making a plastic purchase, re-consider. A lot of our daily purchases in the form of perishables are packaged in plastics which take thousands of years to recycle. Simple and awareness-led decisions often go a long way in making minimalism a daily practice and ultimately lead to a fulfilled life.

Published by: Vibhuti Vazirani/ 2019-12-03

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