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Sustainable Travel Destinations for 2020

When it comes down to travelling the world, we all know the basics. We have all been told to be more conscious in everything we do including travelling. A few basics like avoiding plastics, staying local and not touching the corals are just some things we must do to avoid harming the environment. And if we are serious about saving the planet from melting down, and halting the melting of glaciers and ice sheets, avoiding catastrophic fires in the southern hemisphere, we should be willing to adopt a greener lifestyle. We must be willing to act and make things more sustainable. Travelling consciously mostly involves doing less and researching more about eco-friendly practices and activities.

If you are a sustainable traveller and are looking for eco-friendly destinations to travel to, here ar a few of our top picks to help you plan your travel better.

Take an electric road trip to Switzerland

If you’re trying not to burn fuel-that doesn’t always mean that you have to forego taking a road trip. Switzerland now offers a separate route that is only meant for electric cars. It has 300 charging stations, and covers about 2000 km’s through some of Europe’s most incredible eye-popping sceneries.A country that is committed to maintaining 30% of it’s woodland coverage, this “grand electric road trip” goes over many alpine passes, vineyards, 22 lakes and through foodie Ticino or the Jura. It was launched a while ago but is being given a push for 2020 by the Swiss board as sustainability grows to become of the biggest focus points of the year. 

Take a train to Sweden

With itineraries designed focussing entirely around sustainability and eco-consciousness, The Man has designed a new collection of European rail holidays by Original Travel. All these itineraries and travel plans depart on Eurostar from London, with activities, hotels, train tickets, and timetables taken care of. You can take this journey to Gothenburg that starts out with a night out in Hamburg before taking a ferry from Germany to Denmark, and en route don’t forget to grab some cinnamon buns on the way. Taking such pre-made itineraries and public transport will cut down your carbon travel footprint and will make sure you are being sustainable with your resources. 

Green cycling and hiking through Slovenia

Slovenia’s rich landscape of lakes and mountains gives itself the perfect location for outdoor adventure. Almost 60% of this country is covered with forests and more than 40 parks and reserves exist in it. Many areas here see a regular influx of od tourists and the government helps them with a strategy for sustainable tourism growth. Inaugurated last year, the 270 km Juliana Trail is a hiking trail that goes through the Julian Alps. This route takes walkers away from some of the most famous parks of Triglav national park in an attempt to fight over-tourism. This trail is circular and starts at Kranjska Gora near the Italian border and is divided into 16 stages with many daily routes starting at a railway station or bus stop.

Marine sustainability in Menorca

Menorcans have realized early that a sustainable approach to tourism was necessary for evading the congestion that has destroyed so much of the Mediterranean coast in Spain. A Unesco biosphere reserve since 1993, the island has crystal-clear waters, flourishing local culture and unique gastronomy. The best way to access these pristine white beaches of the south is via amí de Cavalls, an ancient path for mounted soldiers connecting defensive lookouts that surrounds the island. 

Thanks to the constant pressure of local sustainability NGO’s, it has been reopened as a public right of way in 2010 and is much-loved by Menorcans and visitors for cycling, walking and horse-riding.

Explore the Carbon-neutral capital of Copenhagen

The city of Copenhagen has everything you would want in a city- shopping, sightseeing, and museums.  And where else would you find ski parks in the city centre, float in the clear water of open-air harbour baths? CopenhHill - a new urban ski slop was built for sustainability.Constructed atop a renewable waste-to-energy power plant, it has skiing, snowboarding, running and hiking trails, and an outdoor climbing wall. And to tick that outdoor bathing option off your list, there are several options available. Islands such as Brygge baths, Nordhavn quarter, have boardwalks, cafes and a beachy vibe.

Refresh your next travel bucket list to more sustainable travel destinations as it is the need of the hour. Several agencies and companies provide eco-friendly travel packages and options. All you need to do is do a bit of research and ask your agent how to go about it.

Published by: Vibhuti Vazirani/ 2020-03-30

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