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Our Tips for Finding the Perfect Sustainable Spring Jacket

The switch from winter to spring tends to have a palpable shift to it. Everyone around us seems lighter and brighter, the weather is equally pleasant, making it the perfect opportunity to ease up our wardrobes. This means trading in your overcoats and parkas for lighter jackets — because let's face it, we do feel a tad bit incomplete without one. Scroll down to find the best jackets for spring and some tips on how to sport them.

In light company 

It may be warm outside, but if your office feels like the tundra region, a great jacket can go a long way. Especially when made from fabrics like TENCEL™ that support the body’s natural thermal regulation through their moisture management properties to help keep your skin feeling cool and dry. 

women spring jacket

Celosia Jacket

Cream of the crop

Cropped tops are great, but do you know what’s even better? Cropped jackets. These strategically cut-off beauties are cool, breezy, and pretty much a far cry from your long winter coats that trapped the heat inside. Look out for exaggerated details like balloon sleeves that add to the freeing feeling of wearing these cropped jackets.

womens cropped spring jacket

Primrose Jacket

womens cropped spring jacket

Irvine Jacket

Sun-shielding layers

Sunblock may be your best bet against the unbearable heat, but did you know that an added layer of hemp clothing can help too? According to SGS testing, hemp clothing proved to be 99.9% effective in blocking the sun’s harsh UVA and UVB rays. Fabrics like conventional cotton, on the other hand, have a low UPF rating of 5 that allows 20% of UV rays to pass through.

womens hemp jacket

Nanya Blazer

mens hemp jacket

Mondo Jacket (when in doubt, borrow from the men’s section! P.S. Boxy silhouettes are making a comeback)

Dependable denim

No matter how hot or cold the weather may be, denim is one material we have no qualms about wearing all season long. Whether it’s in the form of jeans or a jacket, denim’s breathable and comfortable nature makes it a transeasonal favorite in our wardrobes.

womens denim jacket

Periwinkle Coat 

For more tips on how to transition your wardrobe for the new season read our piece on 8 Transitional Pieces to Carry You Into Spring and Beyond


Published by: Vibhuti Vazirani/ 2022-03-30

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