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4 Sustainable Fashion Resolutions to Make in 2022

Come January 1st, most of us will be embarking on a new fitness regime, a new diet and starting all sorts of projects in the name of self-improvement. After all, there’s no time like the new year to create a shift in your mindset — and while you’re at it, why not use 2022 to push yourself to be more sustainable with these achievable yet realistic new year fashion resolutions.

1. Be a mindful consumer

Being a shopaholic doesn’t have the same prestige as pop culture would have us believe. Come 2022, resolve to be a mindful shopper by making intentional purchases that make sense for you and your wardrobe. Start by maintaining a list of items you actually need, this instantly eliminates the need to impulse buy. Follow that up with a pre-buy checklist to see if; you can get the same thing from a sustainable brand or get it second-hand, see if it compliments the rest of your wardrobe, and most importantly, whether it’s timeless and of high quality. Filters like these not only help eliminate the need for reckless shopping but also ensure that your purchase is a long-lasting one. 

2. Make the most of your wardrobe

The average American has been estimated to throw away around 37kg of clothes every year. In an attempt to make better choices, try being a part of the sustainable statistic instead by extending the shelf life of your existing clothes. You could do this by mixing and matching impulsive purchases that never saw the light of day with items from your usual rotation. Breathe new life into old clothes by upcycling them in a fun DIY project. And when all else fails, donate or consign your gently-used pieces to secondhand stores or thrift shops.

3. Make smart purchases 

As ardent advocates of the ‘buy less, buy better’ movement, we’re here to tell you that you’re just one informed decision away from making a worthy purchase. Find out as much as you can about a brand before buying anything by treating clothes as an investment. Factors like whether the brand produces in small batches or has made-to-order pieces can be very telling of how they value quality products over quantity profits. If a brand is unabashedly transparent or has traceability built into their supply chain and if they use sustainable fabrics that don’t harm the environment — chances are they’re worth the gamble.

4. Avoid fast fashion when possible

The best-kept resolutions are rational, and completely quitting fast fashion is practically impossible. We are fully aware of the fact that fast fashion isn’t expensive, is easily accessible and most of our wardrobes probably contain a large chunk of it already. However, just like all bad vices, quitting fast fashion can start with small steps that lead toward a complete shift. Knowing why fast fashion is bad for you is winning half the battle (in case you need a refresher, read this), so the next time you feel the urge to shop, reflect on why you’re really making that purchase — is it an impulsive urge? To fulfil a need? You could also try unsubscribing from fast fashion newsletters, switching off app notifications, replace them with subscriptions from sustainable fashion brands or second-hand shopping apps.

Published by: Vibhuti Vazirani/ 2021-12-27

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