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Shirts That Suit Every Occasion

Shirts distinguish boys from men, create lasting impressions and can make or break your look. Which is why we insist on having the right set of shirts that you can wear for all forms of implied dress codes and social gatherings to set you up. From slick button-downs for work to half-sleeved pieces for play, we have you covered.

Shirts for: Work and Work-From-Anywhere 

After a year of remote-work policies coming into play, returning to the office no longer seems like a pipe dream. But no matter where you stand on the hybrid work spectrum, wearing a sharply tailored shirt could have a huge impact on your productivity levels. A study found that wearing formal business attire increased abstract thinking — an important aspect of being creative and devising long-term strategies.

So bring on your productive prowess by opting for classic shirt-collar button-downs in comfortable fabrics like organic cotton and hemp to help you seize the day at ease. Wear them under smart blazers for impromptu meetings (with or without a tie), and let the shirts propel you toward executive success.

Jay shirt 

Jay Shirt

Miller organic cotton shirt

Miller Shirt

Shirts For: All Things Casual 

Conventional wisdom suggests that shirts don’t have a place in casual settings since that’s what T-shirts were made for. But we would like to claim otherwise. So whether you’re setting off on a tropical adventure or gearing up the grill for an outdoor brunch with the boys, a casual shirt will offer a refined take on summer attire. And if you’re still a stickler for t-shirts, you can always spruce it up with an unbuttoned shirt layered over it for a semi-casual stance. 

To achieve this not-so-casual, look no further than a half-sleeved shirt in a camp collar style for some laid-back luxe. Team it with a pair of shorts or chinos and espadrilles. And when there’s a slight nip in the air, might we suggest opting for a classic grandad collar shirt, a collarless variation that you can try wearing over a white tee and pants or under a deconstructed blazer if you wish to look smarter.

Lupin shirt

Lupin Shirt

Kingfisher shirt

Kingfisher Shirt

Shirts For: Dates, Weddings and Everything Formal

Picking out the best attire for formal occasions can be tricky. The immense pressure of being dressed to the nines is not something all men are well-equipped to deal with unless they are a seasoned style savant. Fortunately, finding the perfect formal shirt to suit it all — weddings, first dates, or family reunions — is no longer restricted to neutral tones. Instead, formal dressing now beckons a range of colours in relaxed styles that say “you clean up real nice” without putting in much effort.

How do we channel this formal nonchalance, you ask? Being comfortably smart is the best way to go, and a slim-fit shirt makes for the perfect starting point. Reach for shirts made from fabrics like TENCEL™ or hemp that will drape nicely over the body. A crisp white shirt is a fail-safe choice that will accent any suit colour and make sure you look sharp.

Miller shirt

Miller Shirt

Falcon shirt

Falcon Shirt

Published by: Vibhuti Vazirani/ 2021-08-09

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