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Quarantine Watchlist: Fashion Documentaries To Inspire Your Inner Fashionista

Catching up on the latest season of Money Heist may be all the rage right now or even getting around to seeing Tiger King just to escape the clueless feeling of not understanding those repetitive Insta-memes might be in order, but us fashion lovers, we crave sight for our senses and our soul. Ahead, team ZAVI has compiled a list of our top 5 fashion documentaries that will titillate, inspire and help you momentarily take a flight of fancy during this lockdown. 

1. McQueen

Known for his spectacular shows that involved revolving runways, live spray paint guns and his extravagantly imaginative creations, the late Alexander McQueen would have been 51 this year. While today his legacy lives on under the watchful and creative eye of his longtime apprentice Sarah Burton, this documentary walks us through his extraordinary life and career through exclusive interviews with his closest friends and family, recovered archives, exquisite visuals and music.

Watch it here:

2. House of Z

Last year, designer Zac Posen took his final bow as the fashion world came to a shock when he announced that he would be closing down his business. In the 18 years of his business, Zac became famous for his old Hollywood glamour ball gowns and Posen's quick rise to the top in his youth earned him the title of ‘wunderkind’ with Vogue referring to his meteoric rise as the "22 year old and Designer of the Year five minutes out fashion college.” Take a look at his emotionally documented journey to feel inspired.

Watch it here:;

3. Franca: Chaos and Creation 

Franca Sozzani, the late and longest-serving editor of Italian Vogue was known for having published otherwise unexplored territories in fashion with special issues on the environment, plastic surgery, domestic violence and racism. This documentary, directed by her son Francesco Carrozzini is an intimate portrait of a woman who had managed to keep a sense of mystery around her.

Watch it here:;

4. Halston

Roy Halston Frowick was a celebrated American designer known for having dressed the likes of Anjelica Huston, Bianca Jagger and Liza Minnelli. He even designed the iconic pillbox hat that was always donned by the chic Jacqueline Kennedy and was responsible for making Bianca Jagger ride a white horse around Studio 54, the famous NYC nightclub in the 70s. The documentary is a behind-the-headlines look into the thrilling struggle between Halston’s artistic legacy and the pressures of big business.

Watch it here:;

5. Martin Margiela: In His Own Words

The latest and most awaited documentary to hit the fashion list is a detailed profile of Martin Margiela, one of the most eccentric and iconic designers of our time. Often referred to as “Couture’s Banksy”, because he has never publicly shown his face for the photographers, the documentary stays true to his anonymity while letting us see an intimate side of the Belgian-born avant-garde designer. 

Watch it here:

Published by: Vibhuti Vazirani/ 2020-04-13

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