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Post Quarantine Fashion: Get ready with your OOTD

The Pandemic situation across the world has made our lives come to a stand still. During this reflective pause from the mad pace of life, we can perceive the bigger picture of how we have been living in a self absorbed manner. For the longest time we have been habitual hoarders and have become slaves to our consumption behaviour patterns. Now when we are confined to the boundaries of our homes with no access to buying clothes, we all have realised that we already have enough in our closet. We have been giving in to our weaknesses and filling a void that has certainly made us understand to make more conscious choices as a human being. Now is the time to be aware and not get sucked into the vicious cycle of compulsive buying which will eventually reduce the burden on the Planet.

Probably the biggest threat to our habitable planet is pollution and on top of that we are consuming water at a very fast rate. Water is one of the most important resources used in manufacturing clothes. The advent of fast fashion has depleted water resources around the industries. In fact, the world’s fashion industry uses water that can quench the thirst of 110 million people in a year. In fact, producing a simple cotton shirt requires 3000 liters of water. That is why switching to  sustainable products like Linen, Hemp, Lyocell, Recycled Polyester, Peace Silk, Bamboo, and Organic Cotton is a priority right now as they consume less energy and water with no damage to the soil. With upgradation in the spinning technology, natural fibre is the future of the Fashion industry. 

The time has come to act responsibly and choose sustainable options to make our earth greener. Choosing your OOTD ‘Outfit of the Day’ is the first step to show your responsibility towards the environment and mother earth.

Things to choose for OOTD sustainable wear

  • Natural fabric
  • We all are more aware that the fashion industry emits a lot of pollutants in the air and water while processing clothing items. Artificial fibers such as rayon, polyesters, acrylic, etc leave a huge amount of carbon footprints in the atmosphere. The use of harmful chemicals and the release of untreated water in the nearest water bodies majorly disrupt the natural flora and fauna. Choosing natural fabric for your daily outfits is an ideal bet as they not only look graceful but are durable and breathable. It is the first step you can take to inspire others. Similar to choosing green energy, opting for sustainable natural fabric will also heal our earth’s scars. The major sustainable fashion brands are participating by producing elegant clothing items and couture designs to follow.

    Eco-friendlier options

    Apart from choosing natural fabrics, the eco-friendlier options available in the market will also ensure less emission of pollutants and no exploitation of water. Chemical-free processing followed by some big brands will aid in the noble decision of making responsible choices for the present and the future. In fact some of the big brands are ready to launch their collections for summer made from Natural Fibres. 

  • Recycled clothing items
  • Busting all the myths, recycled clothing items are one of the best additions to your wardrobe. In fact the natural fibers are easy to harvest and do not require intense labor work. The more their availability in the market more will be the awareness and production of these products. Recycled items are designed and manufactured by leading fashion houses today. Your post-quarantine OOTD will get a major boost from such designs. In fact, one will feel a part of this green revolution by owning these apparels made from recycled natural fibers following a minimum-resource exploitation method. A huge revolution is coming where fashion and sustainability will go hand in hand. Be a part of this revolution.

    The Verdict

    The contemporary fashion-loving generation is more conscious about nature and sustainability. Learning ‘what is sustainable fashion’ is the first step. You will find how these products are manufactured, bought, discarded, and dumped.

    Now is the time to act more prudently by choosing the best sustainable brands and promoting them on social media and by word of mouth among your family and friends. It is indeed the right moment to inspire all to be a part of this exceptional revolution.

    Published by: Vibhuti Vazirani/ 2020-05-12

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