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Our Christmas Checklist

Christmas is a fun time of year as you get to spoil the people you love and watch their happy faces as they unwrap the gifts you got them. Whether it’s playing secret Santa at work or spreading the festive cheer at home, there’s still a bit of time left to spot a great find and our fabulous pieces will definitely fit the bill. 

For the Christmas host...

With festive parties sparkling on the horizon, the excitement around Christmas is truly upon us. While a great bottle of red can be your safest bet when it comes to party favours, we’ve thought some stylish offerings are a better great way to give thanks to your hosts. 




For playing secret Santa...

Whether you’re pulling names out of a hat with work colleagues or friends, coming up with a Christmas-worthy gift can’t be easy — especially when you aren’t sure of their personal taste. Lucky for you, we have some fail-safe choices that are guaranteed to add a smile on their face. 



                  Antalya Top                                                  


For the winter jet setter...

For some of us, Christmas is a great excuse to get away and set off on a well-deserved adventure to end the year on a high note. Whether its a ski trail or just the idea of getting cozied up under the warm winter sun, there’s nothing better than a vacation. Fortunately, we’ve got just the picks for the wanderlust wanderers in your life. 



               Athena Sweatshirt                                     


For the fitness resolute...

If you’re in the market to really spoil your fit pals then be sure to dazzle them with gym-appropriate pieces that stand out amongst a sea of uninspired gifts. From the most luxe pair of joggers earrings to a slick hoodie, these wardrobe additions will be a great way for them to set off their 2020 fitness resolutions in many styles.

Published by: Vibhuti Vazirani/ 2019-12-11

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