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Making Sense of Climate Week and How You Can Get Involved

Last month, the IPPC report delivered a devastating blow to everyone who thought they were ‘doing their bit’ to help reverse the effects of global warming. The report pointed to an urgent need to act within an increasingly narrow window of opportunity to decarbonise in order to curb climate catastrophe. And with Climate Week NYC starting this week, there’s no better an occasion to rid yourself of that eco-anxiety and find ways to stay informed and do better.

What is Climate Week all about?

Hosted by the international nonprofit, Climate Group in collaboration with the United Nations, starting today until Sept. 26, Climate Week enables climate activists and global environmentalists alike to come together in New York to advocate for climate action. The theme of this year’s Climate Week NYC is ‘getting it done’ — which is about leaders demonstrating how they are going to deliver on their commitments and inspiring others to do more.

The programme is divided into 10 key themes like built environment, energy, environmental justice, getting real, sustainable living, food, industry, policy, nature and transport. 

How can you participate?

One of the easiest ways you can be proactive about climate change is by learning more about it. And what better a place to start than by attending the events held during Climate Week. All of their virtual events, as well as highlights from over 500 events taking place across New York City and around the world, are available to view from The Climate Group’s Facebook Watch page from today onward where the opening ceremony is scheduled to be kicked off at 10:00 AM EST. 

A part of their series will also be hosted by consciously flavourful tea makers, TAZO primarily on their Instagram handle, making it relatively easier to keep up with everything

To view the rest of their event calendar, head on over to: Climate Week NYC Events

You can also stay involved by supporting your favourite sustainable businesses on social media or donating a small fee to support Climate Group in their efforts to deliver a world of net-zero carbon emissions.

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Published by: Vibhuti Vazirani/ 2021-09-20

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