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Know Your Zavi Material: Hemp

A plant that had once held negative connotations for purely being associated with Cannabis, a.k.a Marijuana is now having a righteous moment in the sustainable circuit. Hemp is the plant that was once flying under the radar and is now suddenly everywhere. Whether it's in the form of fabric, CBD oils, edible seeds or even in the form of construction material — yes, just like concrete! Hemp is clearly having a moment and its only getting started. 

As opposed to other plants that are grown on an industrial scale, wherein only a certain part of the plant is used, every single part of the hemp plant can be practically used from root to stem. A carbon negative plant, even when conventionally grown hemp is still considered to be an environmentally friendly option as its one of the most resilient plants that require no insecticides, herbicides to grow. When it comes to irrigation, hemp requires less than a third of the water needed for cotton and yields 220% more fibre compared to its conventional counterpart. With an impressive growth spurt of about 4 metres in 3 months, its perfect for crop rotation. Hemp also suppresses weeds with its deep rooting system that is excellent for soil structure and biodiversity. 

As a fabric, ZAVI takes great pride in working with hemp for its unparalleled strength (6x as strong as cotton), versatility, breathability, biodegradable properties and not to mention UV resistance! Ahead, find some of our hemp- made styles that we are selling in heavy rotation.

Published by: Vibhuti Vazirani/ 2019-12-27

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