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Is sustainable fashion a scam?

It’s almost been a decade of sustainable fashion revolution. The information regarding cash crops, artificial fibers, cheap labor, and usage of fresh water and other natural resources is being published in different research papers and survey reports. People are becoming highly conscious of the condition of the only planet we call home. The exploitation of fresh water resources for manufacturing fast fashion products makes us think twice before buying them. This is where the concept of sustainable products comes into the picture.

Sustainable Fashion

People are always looking for new styles. While fascinating designs and exemplary fibers which are used to prepare such clothing are nothing but fodder for such requirements in the temporary era. These days, people, especially youngsters, do not like to wear a t-shirt repeatedly. Once done with it, it is dumped and a search for the empty slot in the closet begins. This hampers our environment a lot. The exploitation of cash crops, freshwater reserves, and other resources are critically endangering our ecosystem. 

This is where sustainable products can do miracles.

With the aid of eco-friendly concepts of preparing sustainable items that will last longer and will serve the purpose of fashion exceptionally, we can tackle this situation. A majority of leading fashion brands have pledged to introduce sustainable fashion processes into their design and manufacturing setup for sustainable organic cotton clothes.

This particular concept comprises the following things to be precise.

Organic fabric

The use of organic fabric and natural dyes will ensure less use of freshwater and pollution. Eradicating the use of artificial fibers manufactured from petrochemical byproducts will save our planet too.

Eco-friendlier solutions

Immense research is taking place across the world regarding the development of sustainable designing and manufacturing of clothing items for the future. These processes will definitely reduce the resources used to produce every clothing item. It will also put less stress on the planet.

Recyclable options

The dumped clothes can be recycled so that the use of freshwater and cash crops can also be reduced to a minimum.

So is sustainable fashion a scam?

Many think that sustainable fashion is just a gimmick. There is no way a clothing item can be produced in a better way. Actually, there are excellent ways to accomplish what a brand has thought regarding saving the environment. It is not a scam as there are exemplary eco-friendly products available in the market you can trust.

If you are also pledging to save the planet, you can find such products on your own. Only the confident ones will disclose how their clothing items are designed and manufactured. These brands are also uplifting the rural cultivation industry by promoting organic cotton in the agricultural areas. Furthermore many big brands are making their fast fashion sustainable 


Developing sustainable fabrics is the first step. The leading brands are promoting such benevolent acts and encouraging contemporary generations to support. It is now easy to find such products online and avail of the new styles to flaunt. Participate in this revolution and do your part.


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Published by: Vibhuti Vazirani/ 2020-05-22

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