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Impulsive or Conscious: What Kind of a Shopper Are You?

Pop culture has long romanticised the idea of excess by means of walk-in closets, shopaholic behaviour and credit card swiping. But in reality, mindless shopping can damage your wallet, garment workers in the supply chain and the planet. If you find yourself caving to that temporary dopamine rush, we suggest other shopping ‘habits’ that give you double the satisfaction! Check if your inner monologue relates to the following and find out how you can fix it. 

Impulsive shopper: “Shopping is fun when I’ve bought things at a steal”

Conscious shopper: “Shopping is only fun when I know I’ve got my money’s worth”

Buying things at “a steal” may seem like fun at first, but not when you learn it's because it’s being stolen from someone else in the supply chain. Shop with companies that offer price transparency with their overheads. Did you know that Zavi includes this information for every single garment? Learn more here ZAVI’s Sustainable Measures. If this information isn’t as easy to find with other brands, use the Good on You app which makes sustainable shopping easier by scoring the honest and authentic eco-friendly brands with ratings that help you make informed, assured choices. Aside from the many moral reasons, purchasing things that cost a little more but are better quality are guaranteed to last longer — now that’s what we call getting our money’s worth. 

Impulsive shopper: “This style is trending right now, I’ve got to have it” 

Conscious shopper: “Will I be able to repeat this style for years to come?”

We get it, certain trends are just too hard to ignore especially if they are constantly in your face every time to open up your Instagram feed. But there are a few things you could ask yourself before you give into the hottest item of the moment like; “Does this item have the makings of a classic wardrobe mainstay?” “Is it transeasonal?” “Is it versatile enough to be styled with other items?” Let those style-provoking thoughts be your deciding factor the next time you find your hands itching to click ‘add to cart’. 

Impulsive shopper: “Sometimes, I’ll experience the occasional buyer’s remorse”
Conscious shopper: “I’ve gotten smarter at making purchases that don’t make me feel guilty”

Feeling guilty of self-justification, especially when it comes to unnecessary or exorbitant purchases, is more common than you’d think, psychologists term it as ‘cognitive dissonance’. But one of the best ways to remedy this is by attaching certain values to the items you’re indulging in — sustainable clothing from brands that are paying fair wages and making their clothes from biodegradable fabrics have the potential of making you feel a whole lot better about your purchases. Don’t know where to find them? Another great use for The Good on You app.

Impulsive shopper: “If I enter a mall, I’m definitely going to walk out with a few shopping bags.”
Conscious shopper: “When I enter a mall, I’ll only buy something if it’s an absolute essential or brings value to me”

The very concept of impulsive shopping revolves around making mindless purchases and shopping malls are the easiest place to do that. All that window shopping and visual delight can be really enticing. To prevent the temptation, make a shopping list of things you absolutely need before you step out. Having a list handy can set you up for shopping success as it keeps you on track (and make you feel guilty if you go off course) and well, because who doesn’t like ticking things off of a checklist? So satisfying you won’t need to get your kicks from any other outlet (pun intended). 

A great takeaway from this is that no matter what shopping behaviour indicates, impulsiveness can easily be unlearned and conscious buying isn’t too hard to practice, especially with a little help from modern technology. By reading up on sustainability, following the right kind of brands on social media and learning how to be a smart spender, you can bid your shopaholic behaviour goodbye!

Published by: Vibhuti Vazirani/ 2020-08-07

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