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How to Master the Art of Layering

Done right, layering can breathe new life into tired wardrobe staples while creating a multitude of Insta-worthy looks that can help you weather the storm, both literally and sartorially. Ahead, we show you just how along with the essentials you need to nail that look.

Building Blocks

Working with the right kind of pieces can eliminate the need to pile on excessive layers and get bogged down by the weight of it all. Consider opting for light yet buildable base layers in moisture wicking materials like organic cotton that work well under sweaters or cardigans that tend to let the air pass through. When it comes to smart transeasonal pieces for both men's and women's apparel we adore a good shacket; a toss-up between the shirt and a jacket, they can easily be worn closed up as a shirt or open as a Jackets and Coats. The ladies could choose to include a belted blazer into the mix too, as these fail-safe yet chic cover ups work in just about any weather or occasion. Despite the varying temperatures, your wardrobe is not complete without a bomber, trench coat, denim jacket and some scarves.

Roll with the Punches 

Unpredictable temperatures can throw you for a loop, but being armed with flexibly interchangeable layers won’t. The key to staying on top of your layering game is to combine pieces that can be easily added or subtracted — think of it as wardrobe arithmetic. A buttoned or zipper jacket is a convenient middle layer that can be quickly dispensed with in case of sudden heat. We also love the idea of oversized coats that make room for layers underneath that can easily be shed off should the moment arise.

An Element of Surprise 

Layering your way to sartorial success also means getting a little creative with things every now and then. We love the idea of adding an unexpected item by creating a contrasting mix — women could experiment with a button down under a dress or pile on some asymmetric layers and cinch them with a metallic belt while the men could don a hoodie under a blazer for a hint of hip-hop or try on a coloured scarf snuggled under a neutral suit à la Chuck Bass. The possibilities are pretty much endless!

Tone It Up

Playing with colours is great but it can be pretty tricky when you have multiple pieces to work with. If you’re aiming at exuding an air of effortless elegance then nothing works better than tonal layering. An easy way to do this is to pick two shades of the same colour and stick with it when choosing your pieces — work with your main colour by combining shades of varying intensity or fabric textures and using the second as an accent. Novices can play it safe with neutral colours such as navy, black and grey as they are the easiest to combine.

Published by: Vibhuti Vazirani/ 2020-09-25

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