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How to create a sustainable capsule wardrobe?

Dressing up in a way that doesn’t damage the environment can sometimes be a task. Sometimes you can’t find a sustainable alternative for what you’re looking for and then there are times sometimes when we’re tired and time-stretched and sometimes our budget simply cannot accommodate the ideal-world ethics. The best thing we can do is to educate ourselves and be mindful of how we shop and spend our money when it comes to fashion.

The fashion industry is the second most water-polluting industry in the world, after agriculture. Fast fashion is unethical and the bottom line is the speed of the trend cycle is prioritised. By making thoughtful decisions about where we choose to spend our money, we can slowly rewrite the rule book. Creating a capsule wardrobe with pieces that are versatile and neutral could be the first step towards sustainability

The origin of the capsule collection dates back to the 1970s and there has been a recent rebirth of the capsule wardrobe. It is just a testament to its relevance, no matter the decade it is. 

A capsule wardrobe is all about curating a wardrobe solely with pieces that you love and prioritizing the longevity of the item while ignoring the distraction caused by fads.  

Planning your purchases rather than impulsively buying things is key when it comes to curating a capsule wardrobe.


How to start with curating a capsule collection 


1. Avoid aimless browsing - We all tend to indulge in aimless online window shopping and often end up buying things that we usually only wear once or twice. This totally discredits the concept of a capsule wardrobe.

2. Keeping a wishlist - Having a wishlist where you save items that you truly love and complements your wardrobe can really help to avoid impulsive buying. Whenever you have an urge to buy something new, you can simply buy an item from your wishlist. This will be good for both the environment and your wallet.

3. Work with what you already have - A capsule collection doesn’t mean you always have to buy new things. You can always work with what you already have in your wardrobe. You always have items in your wardrobe that you wear on a daily and enjoy wearing. Those pieces can be key to your capsule Wardrobe.

4. Identify key themes - Identifying your style can be really helpful. Create an album of people whose styles inspire you and resonates with you. Once you have a theme whether its feminine, street style, classic or whatever it might be, you will know what to buy and what not to buy. You probably already have a strong sense of what suits you and makes you feel like the best possible version of yourself. Don’t fight your natural instincts for the sake of a trend that will only last for a couple of weeks.

5. Find like-minded supporters - You will always find a community of people who are on the same path as you. Interacting with like-minded people will always keep your morals high and will help you find new sustainable brands.


    Even though it might feel like it might be hard to maintain a capsule collection, but once you start getting into it you will find yourself enjoying it and liberating. Minimalism lends itself very naturally to environmentalism, and if you’re interested in becoming a more conscious consumer, the capsule wardrobe is the most excellent place to begin. If we buy less and buy smart, we can initiate change.

    Published by: Vibhuti Vazirani/ 2020-04-09

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