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Have Fashion Films Replaced the Runway?

Over the past few months, designers have stepped away from traditional runway showings and replaced them with creative short films that portrayed a perceptible yet poetic charm. The films served as a breath of fresh air; enabling a virtual escape from the predictable and mundane; exploring the whims and fancies of the new collections in short yet truly satisfying clips - see our favourites summarised below.

Le Mythe Dior

Dior’s recent haute couture presentation is sure to leave you mesmerised as they explore the mythical world of nymphs and naiads who are lured into donning their creations through a means of storytelling that is nothing short of a fairytale. Prepare to be in awe of doll-sized couture come to life on the wonderful creatures of the forest and watch out for Dior’s very own bell boys that look like they’ve stepped out of a Wes Anderson movie. 


Of Grace and Light

Proving that larger than life couture can be just as ethereal as Dior’s minutiae, Valentino’s collection decidedly erred on the side of enormous proportions. Featuring an array of all white creations that appeared to be floating in the air as models were seated atop aerial hoops and swings; the clothes served as blank canvases that had pops of colour and imagery projected onto them with the soothing sounds of FKA Twigs in the background belting out a melody. Call it a couture Cirque du Soleil if you must!


With kitsch slogans like "No photos please" and "Sorry I'm late, I didn't want to come" featured on their past creations, even the most sustainable fashionably unaware have come across a Viktor and Rolf dress or two, as they’ve been notorious for launching a slew of memes online in the past. And just like before, they’ve resorted to some much needed humour during these testing times with looks aptly split up between the moods of ‘anxiety, confusion and love’ or as they describe it, “Three wardrobes for three different mindsets in these extraordinary times of change”. Keep an ear out for the slapstick background narration that is sure to enchant and amuse you.



For Carice Van Houten, aka Melisandre of Game of Thrones fame, “The night was dark, but full of couture,” as she played muse to Dutch designer Iris Van Herpen’s latest haute couture creation. Yes, we did mention creation (singular) as the futuristic designer focused on just one couture garment this season that didn’t disappoint. The sustainable women's clothing dress in question, aptly titled ‘Transmotion’ encapsulates biomimicry with its petal-like blooming structure and filaments shooting out that almost appear as though they’ve been plucked in their natural state. 


Published by: Vibhuti Vazirani/ 2020-08-22

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