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5 fashion celebrities who have endorsed Ethical Clothing

Stars are considered role models as they inspire and impact the lives of millions of people. They are idolized, and thus they can make a world of difference to certain movements. The Ethical fashion movement is an example.

It is quite well known by now that a lot of materials used for clothing are extracted from animals. Millions of animals are sacrificed in the name of fashion and subjected to immense cruelty. Celebrity environmental activists can play a crucial role in curbing such practices and decreasing the demand for animal clothing.

Celebrities Who Endorse Sustainable Fashion Movement

With fame and recognition comes great responsibility. However, not everyone realizes this. There are few environmental celebrity activists who do not approve of animals being sacrificed for fashion. Let us take a look at some of these green actors.

1. Emma Watson

emma watson promoting sustainable clothing

Image Credit - Pinterest

Emma Watson has made a public announcement wherein she has stated that she would only wear sustainable fashion on the red carpet. She is among the few celebrities who have realized that just because something looks good does not imply that you can wear it. You need to find more about how it was made.
Emma Watson is more than just an award-winning actress. She is an active participant in the sustainable fashion movement. She managed to garner quite a bit of attention due to her eco-friendly fashion choices on red carpets. She also adorned outfits made via sustainable practices are part of the Green Carpet Challenge.

Not only does she wear sustainable clothes, but creates them as well. She has launched the Feel Good style site, which is dedicated to sustainable fashion and natural beauty.

2. Livia Firth

Livia FirthImage Credit - Pinterest

If there is one person who can be deemed a true warrior of eco-friendly fashion, it is Livia Firth. She is also often described as the queen of Green Carpet and for a good reason. She is one of the leading names to have supported the Green Carpet challenge that was launched in 2009. She is also the founder and creative director of the Eco-Age brand, for which she was awarded a sustainable standard-setter award.

3. Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde sustainable clothingImage Credit - Pinterest

A lot of people seem to think that sustainable fashion is dull and uninspiring. However, this is not true, and actress Olivia Wilde is proof of this. She has proven via her H&M Conscious Exclusive collection that sustainable fashion does not imply that you are compromising on your style. The collection used recycled polyester and organic cotton.
Oliver Wilde is quite an active part of the sustainable fashion movement and endeavours to bridge the gap between style and ethical fashion.

4. Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams clothing styleImage Credit - Pinterest

Fashion is a significant part of everyone's life and can be a means of expressing your identity and statement. These are the words that pop singer Pharrell Williams lives by. He has been striving to bring significant changes in the fashion industry and take the ethical fashion movement forward.
He is the creative director of Bionic Yarn, a company that creates fabrics and threads using recycled plastic bottles.

5. sustainable clothingImage Credit - Pinterest

Famous singer and songwriter, is another one of green celebrities that the world should look up to. He has been an active part of the promotions of recycling activities. He has also created Ekocycle clothing line wherein old aluminium and plastic waste is used to manufacture clothing and luggage.

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Published by: Vibhuti Vazirani/ 2020-06-19

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