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Fabrics For A Breezy Summer 2021

Summer is the best season for picnics in the park, outdoor dining, and walks by the beach, especially now that we’re all stepping out again. But sometimes, even our summer-ready outfits don’t go a long way when the temperature soars — we’re talking about those nasty polyester-blends that stink up every time we sweat. The solution? A range of summer-friendly sustainable fabrics that will get you through the sweltering months without breaking a sweat.

Weightless Hemp

When it comes to long hot days in the sun, we’d recommend looking no further than our favorite sustainable fibre hemp. A highly breathable fabric that works exceptionally well in humid climates owing to its ability to absorb moisture, hemp clothes help you feel cool, quite literally. Moreover, it acts as a natural SPF and gets softer with every wash.

Airy Organic Cotton

Conventional cotton may be the most popular choice of fabric across the globe, but its organic equivalent fares a lot better for both sustainability and fabric feel. For starters, organic cotton is a lot softer than regular cotton. On the one hand, the speedy processing of conventional cotton damages its fibres resulting in a slightly harsh fabric feel. On the other hand, handpicked organic cotton yields long fibres, resulting in softer cotton that is also smooth, weightless, and absorbs light, making it ideal for the summer season.

Cool Cellulosic Fibres

Fabrics like viscose, modal, TENCEL™ lyocell and EcoVero™ begin their lives as a tree. These fibres have the same base raw material as other plant-based fibres — a carbohydrate found in all plants known as cellulose. Otherwise known as man-made cellulosic fibres, LENZING™ certified materials are known for having great moisture absorption properties (50% more than cotton). Moreover, the structure of the surface of these cellulosic materials is smooth and gentle on sensitive skin that makes them feel cooler and a lot softer than cotton. 


One of the oldest and most sustainable fibres known to man, linen is a loosely woven fibre from the flax plant. Known for being ideal during the summers, clothing made from linen will allow heat to escape from the body while absorbing moisture and drying relatively quickly. Linen has a notorious reputation for wrinkling rather quickly, but when blended with other fibres, the creases aren’t as discernible as they would be with pure linens. 

Published by: Vibhuti Vazirani/ 2021-05-22

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