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Embracing Minimalism: Your Guide To Curating A Capsule Wardrobe

Minimalism has been a hot topic on the slow fashion spectrum for while now, but embracing it can be quite the challenge. The practice involves letting go of casual consumerism, impulse purchases that once brought us joy and simply being happy with what we already own. Neophytes to the trend need not despair, as embracing the path can be a lot easier with a capsule wardrobe that makes for the perfect minimalist starter kit. Ahead, we list down key steps towards creating a capsule wardrobe... 

Key Takeaways:

1. Delete and detox

Decluttering is key in order to achieve a capsule wardrobe. Minimalist aficionados like Marie Kondo propagated it all through 2019 with her famous mantra of “discarding anything that no longer sparks joy”. Seemingly simple at first, this task can prove particularly hard for the hoarders among us who tend to hold onto certain things purely out of sentimental or irrational attachment. There is a saying that if you haven’t worn it in three months, you’re probably never going to. So, start small with things that could potentially be given new meaning by being donated to charity and watch how decluttering can actually make you feel lighter in exchange. 

2. Divide and conquer

When you begin curating a capsule wardrobe, making a laundry list of clothing categories can help put things into perspective. Seasonal changes, festivities, timeless basics, workwear, casual favourites, travel essentials and anything else that your daily outfit choices revolve around. Once identified, these categories make it easier to sort selective clothing items into with an upper limit of no more than 30-40 pieces across all groups combined that will make up the entire capsule wardrobe. 

3. Quality over quantity

The selection process is highly detrimental to the success of a capsule wardrobe. This step involves going through your clothing items like a garment quality controller by selecting high- density fabrics, clothes that have held their shape over time, looking for quality closures like zippers and buttons, garment finishes and check for any signs of wear and tear like dye or print fading and pilling. Tossing garments that show any bad quality signs aside will only help maintain a lasting capsule wardrobe. 

4. It’s a learning curve

Creating a capsule wardrobe doesn’t mean having to dramatically toss out a large chunk of your closet in order to achieve minimalist simplicity. The key is to stick to neutral tones with staple items like a great pair of jeans, white t-shirt, a denim jacket etc. so that they can be interchangeable and styled in several ways. The wardrobe learnings can be rewarding as we come to discover what our core style is really like, what brands we end up being loyal towards and of course the creative challenge of creating new looks with limited options. 

Take a look below to discover some of our best-selling neutrals that make for the perfect capsule wardrobe starter kit...


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Published by: Vibhuti Vazirani/ 2020-01-03

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