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4 of the Hottest Winter Coat Trends Keeping Us Warm This Season

Slip into some much needed warmth with a little help from this season’s essential investment coats. From the enduring (and endlessly) coveted long coat styles to classic city-ready puffers — here’s the best of what’s trending right now.

1. Long coat energy 

Go big or go home this winter by packing a punch with some long coat styles. One of the best ways to give off the illusion of a taller frame, long layers have the ability to elevate even the most basic look underneath it — yes, even a sweatsuit. Because sometimes, it’s what on the outside that counts. Make your long coat look runway-worthy by styling it over a high neck top, coordinated skirt and knee length boots.

women's winter coat

Pecan coat

2. Statement puffers

Puffer jackets are one of those technical layers we’ve always shied away from out of the fear that we’d end up looking like the Michelin man. Lucky for us, that is no longer the case ever since puffer jackets got the fashion treatment. The iterations now are available in chic styles that make for great statement toppers to your entire look. P.S. Remember to keep the rest of your look tapered and streamlined when wearing a voluminous layer like a puffer.

warmest winter coats

Osprey puffer

3. Preppy coats

When we hear the word ‘preppy’, a few things instantly come to mind: pearl necklaces, neckerchiefs, penny loafers, and characters like Blair Waldorf or Julien Calloway from the Gossip Girl series. And the one item we see both of these striking characters sporting is a great plaid coat. Fortunately, we found one that embodies Gen Z’s nonchalance with some high-fashion millennial energy. This hooded coat can not only be styled two ways (ahem, it’s reversible!) but it embodies everything the preppy trend is all about.

long winter coat

Myna coat

4. Hooded wonders

Speaking of hooded coats, these styles have been doing the rounds on fashion week runways as the streetwear trend continues its reign. After all, nothing screams urban street-chic quite like the humble hoodie. And no, they don’t have to be a part of your look in the form of a humdrum hooded sweatshirt, lately tailored coats have been featuring all manner of hooded inserts as a surprise addition. So, double up on the warmth and look cool while you’re at it with a hooded coat like this cropped version.

women's winter coats and jackets

Sycamore jacket

Published by: Vibhuti Vazirani/ 2022-02-17

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