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Are Influencers Influencing Us The Right Way?

9 in 10 Gen Z consumers believe companies have a responsibility to address environmental and social issues, according to a report by McKinsey & Co. However, an incredible 86% of companies today utilise influencer marketing as a means to sway the buying habits of Gen Z and millennial consumers alike. One can’t help but wonder whether influencers are even propagating sustainability in a genuine manner?

Influencers have the power to change their narrative when deemed appropriate, but it should be noted that perceptive consumers can easily spot the difference between gimmicks and a genuine purpose that aligns with the values of these influencers. Just like they would with their favourite musicians or series, consumers tend to closely examine the level of continuity across influencer content and the nature of their strategic decisions as well as tone — which makes it pretty easy to spot an imposter. In an age where we are inundated with overconsumption and excess, there exists a small group of influencers who are breaking the mould and emerging as the go-to’s for all things minimal, thrifty, vegan and eco-conscious;

1. Niomi Smart

Niomi Smart Influencer

With a little over 1.5 million followers on her Instagram and 1.6 million on YouTube, one can expect to be privy to Niomi’s interesting takes on vegan recipes, where to go vintage shopping, how to succeed at doing a headstand and her breathtaking travel vlogs where she’s seen wearing rented clothes and exploring healthy food. 

2. Dominique Drakeford

Dominique Drakeford Influencer

This NY-based eco influencer is the co-founder of Sustainable Brooklyn, an organisation working to bridge the gap between sustainability and targeted communities through events. Her Instagram is filled with stylish suggestions on repeating outfits creatively, her favourite thrift shop finds and how to live a stylish life with second-hand clothing.   

3. Tolmeia Gregory

Tolmeia Gregory Influencer

At 19, Tolmeia has a lot on her mind when it comes to championing fashion sustainability and being an eco-activist. “Shopping differently, whether it's second-hand or just less frequently, challenges the idea of 'fashion' that we have in our minds. It's truly freeing. My wardrobe is *my* wardrobe, fashion industry be damned,” says a young Tolmeia as she explores her love for conscious consumerism. 

4. Venetia La Manna

Venetia Le Manna Influencer

Venetia refers to herself as a recovering hypocrite and climate activist as she explores ways to slow down fast fashion. Her YouTube vlogs are full of tips on how to make your living space more sustainable along with vegan food explorations around the world while her Instagram handle contains vintage shopping finds across the UK and tips on how to live plastic-free and low-impact lifestyle. 

5. Laura Wells   

Laura Wells Influencer

When she isn’t busy exploring the picturesque beaches of Australia and taking ocean expeditions, Laura Wells uses her platform to address important issues like ocean conservation, recycling and climate change while looking stunning in her sustainable fashion finds. 

Published by: Vibhuti Vazirani/ 2020-03-19

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