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6 Ways You Can Become More Sustainable During Quarantine

Sustainability is not only an option but a mandatory lifestyle change that we have to comply with. All the industries, especially fashion, find out different ways to create low-cost methods for manufacturing daily and special wear every season. This exploits the natural resources of our only planet and mis balances the ecosystem harming our environment. Now that we all are locked inside our rooms, we have ample time to think and act sustainably during this quarantine period.

What is sustainable development?

What makes Earth Day so special? Every day should be celebrated as Earth Day. Awareness is the only key to create a ripple and start a revolutionary change among us. We need to choose our clothes in a sustainable way. Now the real question arises. What is sustainable clothing?

According to leading fashion brands, sustainable clothing uses eco-friendly and 100% natural fiber. It reduces the use of petrochemical polymers for creating mixed low-cost fabric. Less freshwater is used to make a single garment. The entire process is done in a non-cruel way by providing every frontline worker the wage they deserve along with other facilities. Sustainable living is not only restricted to buying clothing items responsibly. It also includes choosing sustainable food resources, appliances, and other necessary items for your daily life.

Different countries are promoting sustainable agriculture so that the crops do not put stress on the environment rather helps the ecosystem to sustain and thrive.

Sustainable development goal: Play your part

It all begins at home. Become a responsible earthling and act accordingly to become more sustainable. Follow the 6 steps mentioned below to participate in this forthcoming revolution.

  1. Ethical clothing

The first among the sustainable development goals is to find a brand offering ethical clothing items for you and your family. Choosing such a brand will impact positively on the earth’s ecosystem. These brands do not exploit any resource and stress the environment.

  1. Meditation + Physical workouts

Staying healthy and happy is the prime mantra. For this, you can choose an application or find a way to workout. You can also practice yoga and meditate to stay fit and happy. Using machines or going to a gym will also put stress on the environment.

  1. Sustainable home accessories

Use home accessories made of sustainable materials such as cookware, kitchenware, etc. These pieces are quite elegant to add to your home.

  1. Cleaning products

Every household uses detergent and other cleaning products to wash their clothing items. Choose environment-friendly and chemical-free options that will not hamper the environment.

  1. Recycled items

Go for those items which are made from recycled materials. You can rest assured that these items do not exploit new resources rather manufactured using recycled resources.

  1. Plant-based diet

Meat and poultry industries contribute to global warming by leaving high carbon footprints in the atmosphere. Switching to a plant-based organic diet will surely impact positively on the environment.

Follow these 6 steps to show your gratitude for what we have. This will also encourage sustainable development and will promote its adoption by others.

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Published by: Vibhuti Vazirani/ 2020-05-25

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