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5 Fall Outerwear Pieces You’ll Want to Layer All Season Long

The temperatures have dropped, the air smells crisp and getting cozied up is all we can think about. Not only are more layers an option, but they are also an absolute necessity. Ahead, we explore fresh ways to play with layers this fall with 5 of our favorite pieces you’ll be reaching for again and again.

1. The preppy playmate

Blame it on nostalgia or the Gossip Girl reboot, preppy style has officially made a comeback and lucky for us, the trend has received a much-needed upgrade. Chunky-soled boots have replaced penny loafers, while high-waisted skirts have become the new pleated skirts. Our favorite way to channel the modern-day prep school girl is with a gorgeous checked coat. It’s versatile enough to be layered over classic denim jeans and a striped cardigan or even a slitted high-waisted skirt and turtleneck top combination. 

Myna checked reversible coat

Myna Coat (P.S. It’s reversible, so you can wear it repeatedly at ease)

2. A neutral companion

A cold weather cornerstone, your fall wardrobe is incomplete without a long coat in a great neutral hue. Since outerwear is meant to be reworn, you may as well make sure it’s an investment coat that’ll reinvent itself across all your best fall outfits. And what’s better than a decadent taupe coat — its the perfect hue for fall, that's fuzzy enough to keep you warm and makes for a great pairing with all your winter boots.

Pecan coat

Pecan Coat

3. The practical partner

For those of you who prefer function over fashion when it comes to staying warm, sacrificing style is no longer an option thanks to the bomber jacket. A cult classic, bombers can add way more than warmth to your daily outfit. Our tip? Reach for an oversized fit, so that you layer it over even your bulkiest knits without any bunching. The best part about bombers is when they come equipped with practical pockets that are not only perfect for tucking your hands when it gets cold but also for storing small essentials like keys and lip balm. Not to mention, it’ll practically go with everything in your wardrobe.

Ash Bomber

Ash Bomber

4. A sporty sidekick

An insulating yet can’t-feel-it lightweight jacket is the perfect way to add a touch of warmth to your gym uniform. Light enough to lug around in the gym bag when it’s pleasantly sunny and warm enough to throw on when it gets windy, this jacket can be your reliable companion for all sorts of short trips out of the house where the need for a full-fledged coat is absolutely unnecessary. Make sure to pick one in white or black to make outfit pairings the least of your worries.

Rosea Jacket

Rosea Jacket

5. The hooded hybrid 

No item of clothing pays homage to the undying trend of streetwear as much as the humble hooded jacket. But if you’re craving for a hooded wool jacket that speaks more style and less street cred, then you’re in luck — we’ve got one that provides the elegance of a coat and the nonchalance of a hoodie in one. This taupe hooded jacket encompasses the best of both worlds in stylish form for fall dressing that’s equal parts chic and cool.

Sycamore Jacket

Sycamore Jacket 

Published by: Vibhuti Vazirani/ 2021-10-23

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