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4 Tips for Smarter Shopping

More often than not, we find ourselves in a similar scenario — shopping, quite literally till we’ve dropped or have maxed out our credit cards. And we’re not here to blame or shame you but to warn you that mindless shopping can not only hurt your wallet but also the planet. So, the next time you find yourself surrendering to that brief dopamine rush, we suggest going through these handy shopping tips that will help you make sustainable and more thoughtful purchases and save a lot of money along the way.

Tip #1: Follow the golden style rule of 3

We may or may not have invented this rule, but if you can’t style the item you’re about to purchase in more than three ways, then it’s probably not worth buying. This is where the initial tip of conducting a wardrobe audit comes into use; by keeping a tab on what you already own or lack, you’ll be able to fill in the sartorial gaps only with items that you can get the most wear out of. Whether that means teaming it with items that you already own or styling it in three ways or more.

Tip #2: Carry out a wardrobe audit before you shop


Before your next shopping venture, consider surveying the existing contents of your closet first. Chances are, you probably already have clothes that you haven’t even worn or rarely used since you first bought them. A study across 18,000 households in 20 countries, conducted by Movinga, revealed that most consumers worldwide are surprisingly unaware of how much they own versus how much they wear. 

Tip #3: Make shopping lists for the things you need

This one is actually fun! Just like your grocery shopping list of essentials that help you buy only what you need, creating a shopping list for fashion essentials will help you narrow your focus down to only buying things you actually need. Besides, it’s the best way to avoid impulse purchases, especially if you’re an avid online shopper. So whether it’s a pair of stockings, new lingerie or leggings for the gym, get into the habit of making a list for every shopping haul, and sticking to it.

Tip #4: Get digitally savvy with your shopping

Apps like Good On You equip you with data on fashion brands and rate them on three parameters: impact on people in the supply chain, environmental impact, and animal welfare. Once you’re on the app, you can type in the category of garment you’re seeking to shop (say, ‘leggings’) and the app will pull up leggings from brands based on their sustainability rating and price point. 

But if you’re the kind that prefers shopping online on a computer, then a browser plugin like DoneGood will not only help you shop better but sustainably too. Its browser extension will automatically search the web for ethical, sustainable brands and products that match your search and make the world better in all sorts of ways.


Published by: Vibhuti Vazirani/ 2021-08-30

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