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2020 Trend Alert: Colour-Blocking

Colours breathe life into fashion in a way spotting a rainbow does. Nothing gets us visually tickled like seeing a collection of brightly hued clothing coming down a runway or peeping through shop windows. Which is why it comes as no surprise when we keep seeing colour-blocking pop up as a major trend almost every summer. 

From Balmain to Marc Jacobs, Gucci to Victoria Beckham and beyond — across all fashion capitals, colour-blocking is going to be one of the most notable looks for spring/summer 2020. While seemingly effortless, pulling off colour-blocking does require some grit and gusto. The trend works two ways; a single piece could comprise clashing colours by itself or coloured separates could come together to create harmony. The former makes it a lot easier to experiment with the trend but the latter is an acquired taste. If we go by the book, complementary colour harmony suggests that hues placed directly across from each other on the colour wheel, when paired together can provide a contrast that is pleasing to the eye — a theory that works as a quick primer to master the blocking technique. 



 However, embracing the trend doesn’t mean going all out at once. Sticking to two contrasting shades at best while keeping the accessories tonal is your safest bet when putting together your colour-blocked look, given that the main combination of hues isn’t anything short of bold. Think turquoise with pink, pastel blue with yellow, purple with chrome — the world is your oyster! So go on and take a trendy step forward this new year and start putting your own polychromatic looks together. In the meantime, find some of our favourite colour-blocked ZAVI pieces ahead to get you started. 



                  Fitzroy Shirt       


Alps Sweatshirt


                 Athena Sweatshirt                                   

Published by: Vibhuti Vazirani/ 2019-12-31

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